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Functionalities of the IPBX Sipleo


IPBX is the heart of telephony in your company. It manages your phones, your calls, your voicemail boxes, your interactive voice responder etc… The IPBX Sipleo handles a lot of simultaneous phone communications in order to match companies needs. Sipleo is a powerful tool.



Thanks to its functionalities, the IPBX Sipleo makes you able to :


Here are the main functionalities of the IPBX Sipleo :

    • Grouped calls and grouped in a cascade calls
    • Interactive Voice Server  (Multi-level)
    • Answering machine (simple or with recording)
    • Put on Hold
    • Music on Hold
    • “Pre-picked” Music
    • Call Transfer
    • Blind call transfer
    • Call transfer if “no response”
    • Call transfer if “occupation”
    • Management of external numbers as phone of the enterprise’s installation
    • Possibility to intercept a call
    • Call Routing
    • Caller ID
    • Hidden number / Choice of your number for outgoing calls
    • Supervision of calls
    • Create profiles in order to manage telephony (call transfer, answering machine…) and plan it daily, hourly…(scheduling by 15 minutes)
    • Centralized phone book
    • Limit the number of simultaneous calls per device
    • Create blacklists
    • Text message sending
    • Call Logs
    • Statistics
    • Management Interface for Administrator
    • Management Interface for User
    • Management of profiles for the devices, groups or lines. You can activate schedules in a manual or automatic way
    • Voicemail Box – several voicemail boxes devices, groups or lines (customizing receptions according to the activated profile)
    • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
    • Call conference
    • Supports video
    • Modifications hot reloaded
    • Agent
    • Fax over IP


  • Windows XP/2003
  • SIP, ISDN, DECT, PSTN Technologies
  • Codecs G711 (μLaw, aLaw), G726 (16, 32)