What are the interests ?

Stay permanently in contact with your customers and collaborators

Someone left a message on your voicemail box. Thanks to the IPBX Sipleo, you can choose to be notified by a text message on your phone or by email (with the message as an attached file). You can also choose to be regulary called by the server in order to inform you that you have a new message on your voicemail box.

Make your telephone greeting sound professional

Thanks to the hosted telephony solution Sipleo, an extension or a group can have several voicemail boxes to inform callers in different ways (with different announce).

IPBX Sipleo allows you to set different announces for your voicemail box in order to change whether the call is for the technical service, the director of the company, the research department…

Everyone in your company has different interlocutors, partners or has different work schedule. The announce of your voicemail box can be adapted to everyone and every situation thanks to your hosted IPBX Sipleo.

Moreover, your voicemail box can be activated and differentiated according to a chosen schedule. It multiplies possibilities. Wish a good appetite to callers, a happy new year or just remind them your company opening hours !

This functionality can easily be managed. From the administration web interface of Sipleo, you can listen to your announces of voicemail boxes in order to do settings such as the volume. Your announce can also be generated and published with Sipleo MiXoR. Your announce can be an audio file or generated by a synthetic voice.

The Sipleo solution gives you the possibility to access to your voicemail box from a phone (local or distant), from SipleoAssist and also from the web administration interface of the IPBX Sipleo.

The IPBX Sipleo makes you able to record, if you want it to, messages left by callers. Those messages are stored according to your willingness.

There is 2 kinds of answering machines : simple or recorder.

  • Simple answering machine consists to an announce broadcast to callers. There is no possibility to leave a message. You can remind your company opening hours or give callers other information as you want to.
  • Recorder aswering machine allows callers to leave a message after your announce of voicemail box.

To have a choice between these two kinds of answering machine gives you the opportunity to not spend too much time handling voicemails that are, regulary, without interest (“i’ll contact you later”, “i’m sending you an email”…).

Please, note that you can consult your voicemails box by dialing the number 500 (default value). You also can modify your announce of voicemail box by dialing this same number.

How does it work ?