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Why create personalized voicemail boxes in your company?

Voicemail boxes allow you to remain permanently available to your customers and colleagues. Even if you don’t reply to them directly, you receive their message in your voicemail to contact them later.

Setting up different voicemail boxes within the same company is a way of being able to adapt the message broadcast to callers depending on the service contacted. The accounting department, the communications department or even the general manager do not have the same contacts, or even the same hours. Announcements on voicemail boxes will therefore be personalized and adapted to certain criteria: schedule, service, etc.


This setting is available in all Sipleo offers.

Sipleo Access

Sipleo Cloud

Sipleo On-Premise

You can activate the voicemail according to a schedule, which can vary depending on the time of day or over a week.

As soon as callers arrive at your personalized voicemail and before they can leave their message, you can take the opportunity to remind you of your company’s opening hours, current offers, wish you a happy vacation, etc.

The information distributed may vary depending on the department contacted within your company.

How to create and manage your personalized voicemail
with Sipleo?

Just as the other Sipleo features (pre-hooked, personalized music on hold, interactive voice server (IVR)), managing the voicemail is very simple.

From the administration interface of your Sipleo, you can listen to your messages, analyze the rendering and thus make possible modifications to the sound volume.

In the same way as pre-answer, your voicemail can be created and published from our MiXoR tool and also, unlike pre-answer, from your landline.

The system remains the same, you can import an audio file (for music) into the software and generate the message with a synthesized or recorded voice.

Our Sipleo telephony solution gives you the possibility of querying your messaging from five supports:

• 1 •

A local or remote telephone (landline or mobile)

• 2 •

From your computer (with SipleoAssist)

• 3 •

On your Sipleo account

• 4 •

From the administration interface of your IP telephony

• 5 •

By email (by receiving the voice message left by the customer, as an attachment or not)

For professional needs, Sipleo also allows you to record the message your interlocutor left you.

Please note that to consult or modify your email, you can call 500, the default number with Sipleo.

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