Customer case: AGH

Customer case: AGH. This firm used the Sipleo IPBX so that accountants could answer all incoming calls more easily.

AGH, accounting firm


AGH is an accounting and auditing firm created in 1981. The firm is located in four municipalities: Paris (4th arrondissement), Chelles, Meaux and Boulogne.

Today, the firm’s team is made up of 3 accountants and 27 employees. It is spread across specialized departments: accounting, social, legal and audit.

For AGH, the main thing is to maintain a personalized relationship with each of its clients. The latter are, for the most part, managers or business leaders.

The AGH firm operates in accounting and business management mainly with VSEs, SMEs and SMIs. Drawing on his expertise, he now looks after more than 600 people.

In addition, accountants are the privileged and permanent advisors of business leaders.

They provide a response adapted to the different events in the life of a company. Whether from the establishment of annual accounts to advice in terms of management, business, social or tax rights!

In our client case, AGH entrusted us with the telephony of its office, mainly for the taxi division.


Note that the accounting firm collaborates with many people. In fact, they can, at any time, contact the telephone switchboard.

For AGH, it is essential to help and support all of its customers in their daily procedures. Every day, the firm is inundated with calls and accountants are unable to handle all important requests efficiently.

This is why he used the IPXB Sipleo! A flexible and tailor-made solution, which allows its agents to focus on important requests and meet customer expectations.

Specific needs, a tailor-made solution!


Indeed, Sipleo has adapted to specific needs. The goal is to give accountants the opportunity to easily respond to calls from each client.

The AGH project required the configuration of three fairly specific options, such as:


A personalized telephone reception

Sipleo has set up a personalized telephone reception, taking into account the needs and objectives of the firm.

In fact, when several customers seek to join AGH, they are automatically placed in a waiting list. Therefore, the first to join this list is the first to leave.

In addition, people can find this waiting list in the ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) pack, accessible via the Sipleo administrator interface.

In addition, the waiting list makes telephone reception better. It also makes it possible to broadcast, for a reasonable time, a commercially audible message. This informs callers of the average waiting time and their position in the queue.

Optimized incoming call management

Indeed, these first features considerably optimize all incoming calls.

As soon as they arrive in the queue, callers are informed of the waiting time and their position in the list. Then, a message invites them to contact the accounting firm by email or by other means: website, chat, for example. This is broadcast regularly.

To improve the management of your calls (incoming or outgoing), our business telephony solution can be combined with numerous business software!


In the case of the AGH firm, the Sipleo IPBX was coupled with the ACD software, a computer program dedicated to accounting.

Thanks to this, accountants quickly access their contact’s file, using the automatic reporting of client files, but also a synchronized directory.


Better responsiveness and management of human resources!

Today, accountants are able to process and prioritize important requests.

In addition, our business telephony solution allows AGH to better manage its teams. But also, to assign more missions to people, usually on the phone.

It’s also a benefit for their customers! With faster and more optimized call management, customers who require technical intervention will be more satisfied.

Thus, Sipleo is able to respond to all your requests and support you in the deployment or reorganization of your business telephony.

Optimize your telephony with Sipleo!

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