Phones and accessories: How is the roll-out going? What phone options are available?

Sipleo offers a wide choice of phones.

Deployment of telephones: how does it work?

To begin with, before installing the system on site, our teams gather information about the needs of your company and the users of the telephony solution.

In order to set up the IPBX and telephones (physical or softphones) in the best possible way, it is essential that you send us your general reception scenarios (opening hours, overflow in the event of no answer or busy signals, setting up a voice server, etc.).

The user of the future solution must also be involved in the choice of supervision keys on the telephone, the directory, the potential keyboard shortcuts used…).

On the big day, this part of the process will enable the installation to be carried out calmly and without stress.

This organisation enables :


Improved devices updates

Changing a simplified physical phone

Configuration backup copy

Easy to put into production

Equipments recommended by Sipleo

When you renew your company's fixed telephony, Sipleo provides you with the equipments you need.

From desk phones to door landlines, from DECT phones to wall phones, we offer a wide range of SIP phones to suit everyone’s needs. You choose the right phone, whatever the make or model, and Sipleo will adapt to its technology.

The SIP phones we offer are directly compatible with the telephony solution. We have tested them in order to recommend only the most satisfactory products.

Download the brochure presenting the SIP accessories we offer. Office telephones, DECT, emergency telephones, ISDN and analogue gateways and POE switches – this brochure contains everything you need for your business telephony.

Whatever your business, we’ll find the equipment to suit your needs (rugged phones, touchscreen and/or colour, video, etc.).

Other phone brands available

This is just an example of the different brands supported. The Sipleo IP switchboard complies with the SIP standard (rfc3261). This means that all SIP-compliant phones are compatible with the Sipleo business telephone solution. If you would like to confirm the compatibility of certain phones, please contact us, or better still, send us the phones.

If you are an IP telephone manufacturer and would like to present your models, please contact us.