You want to change your switchboard ? You’re interested in the Sipleo IPBX ? Do you want us to establish a quotation ? Do not hesitate to fill in this form to help us to find the best solution for you and your enterprise !  


1/How many phones will be connected to the IPBX?

1 to 56 to 1011 to 2021 to 50More than 50

2/What is the solution you need?

new telephone system (phones + PABX)change your telephone system but you keep your phones

3/How many simultaneous calls do you want to pass?

2 to 45 to 67 to 910 to 1415 to 1920 to 4950 and more

4/What options do you need?

Computer telephony integrationStatisticsTeleworking systemImprove your telephone reception servicesIVROthers


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7/Your company

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