Headphones with Sipleo

How choose headphones for your business and your employees? Find equipments adapted to your needs here!

The advantages of our audio equipment with Sipleo

An asset for your employees

Headphones can simplify the management of your business telephony. This equipment can be very useful for some of your employees when receiving or initiating telephone calls. It all depends on the environment.

What’s more, they improve working conditions and enhance customer relations. As a result, your agents are more productive and work more comfortably.


Helmets: An essential accessory


As well as computers, headphones and telephones are essential accessories for business telephony.

Telephoning and using your computer at the same time are actions that are carried out every day in an office. By using headsets adapted to your fixed telephony, your employees can continue to work on their computers while on the phone with customers.

As a result, conversations are more natural and headphones offer greater flexibility. You gain in productivity and offer your agents more comfortable working positions!

Headphones adapted to your activity

To simplify the development of your business telephony, our teams offer equipment adapted to your activity and your IP telephony, guaranteeing optimum comfort: noise-cancelling microphone, adjustable headband, leatherette cushion, electronic pick-up and multiple connections (USB, Bluetooth, RJ, etc.).

The headsets we supply are mainly from Jabra.

How do you choose the right equipment?

Before buying hearing equipment for your company, it’s important to carry out a needs analysis, taking into account a number of criteria: employee preferences, working style, time of use, different headphone functions, quality of equipment, etc.

Do your employees work in noisy environments? Do they ever work outdoors or with their windows open?

Some headsets feature "noise reduction". These make your telephone conversations completely isolated from the ambient noise associated with your agents' environment. As a result, the person you are speaking to can clearly hear your voice or that of your team members, and telephone conversations are more pleasant.

Will the helmet be used every day?

When choosing your headphones, you need to think about how often you make calls, how long they last, etc. This will enable you to adapt the headphones to your needs (monaural or binaural, with more or less comfort - cushions, BTE or headband).

Do your agents have to move around during calls? What types of devices do they connect their headsets to?

These last questions are relatively important, as they determine the type of headset you need: wired or wireless. Generally speaking, certain criteria can have a major impact on the price. Here, the features to consider are the range, but also the types of connection possible (Bluetooth, USB, mobile phone, etc.).

Choose the right equipment for your business!

Need advice on choosing headsets for your business telephony development? Questions about our range?