Sipleo Access offer

Many companies are wondering how they can get a business line at lower cost.

Thanks to the Sipleo Access offer, you can get a professional Centrex line that will grow with your business.

Sipleo Access, an upgradeable offering

The Sipleo Access business telephony offer is transparent and agile. It can evolve in line with your immediate and future projects!

Sipleo Access offer

Our first business telephony package, Sipleo Access*, includes :

*This offer does not include equipment


From this base, you can add additional options as and when required.

Sipleo Access offer

From this base, you can add extra options as and when you need them.

That’s why the Sipleo telephony solution is different from other competitors.

You’re never locked into an entry-level package, and our agility means you can even incorporate bespoke features at a later date.

That’s why choosing a telephony solution means thinking about how your business can evolve.

Thanks to the Sipleo Access offer, you’ll be able to ramp up your business more easily, so you don’t get stuck later.

What is the purpose of the Centrex included in the Sipleo Access offer?

Centrex is also known as IP telephony or Voip (Voice over IP) because it uses Internet lines and passes through an IP protocol.

Unlike traditional technology, this cloud telephony is not hosted by the customer but by the operator.

This is why it requires an internet connection to operate.

Sipleo Access is hosted directly on our servers, because we are our own telephony operator.

Des serveurs informatiques

What is the difference between a Sipleo Access Centrex offer and a Sipleo Cloud offer?


In Centrex, a server is used for several customers at the same time. As a customer, you do not have an entirely dedicated and independent server. What’s more, Centrex does not allow you to customise your configuration, for example.

This is why Centrex offers are less expensive and therefore more economical.

Sipleo Cloud offer

However, with a Sipleo Cloud offer you benefit from a server unique to your company, as well as other features.

At Sipleo, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Each offer has its own advantages and disadvantages! It’s important to understand your needs beforehand so that you can choose the best telephony solution for you.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss what’s best for you, please contact our team.


Sipleo Access excluding equipment

Additional Sipleo Access options

Sipleo Access also offers equipment and telephone set options.

Sipleo mobile application

The Sipleo mobile application is the mobile version of the SipleoAssist Assistant. The mobile application allows you to access your company telephony from your mobile. This means you can seamlessly use a personal smartphone for business purposes and easily find your way around in terms of usage and billing. A web version of the application is also available.


Please note that linking your telephony and IT systems requires you to subscribe to the SipleoAssist option beforehand or at the same time. This is why it is only available for Windows workstations. Depending on your business software, CTI can be used to synchronise directories, click-to-call, lift forms and other advanced functions.

IVR (1 level)

The 1-level IVR gives you a single-level Interactive Voice Server. Because this IVR allows you to enter information from the caller, you can implement intelligent routing features. For example, you can programme different scenarios according to time, by 1/' hour or by ¼ hour.

SipleoAssist assistant

Sipleo Assist is a Windows application that provides simple, user-friendly control of your telephony. You can access and manage supervision, the directory, the call log, status management, call transfer, conferencing, intercom and much more.

Additional voicemail

As its name suggests, the additional voicemail box provides an additional answering machine to complement the main answering machine.

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Questions about Sipleo Access offer?

Choosing a Sipleo offer means investing in your company's future and its potential for change.