Sipleo Access offer

Many companies are wondering how to get a professional line at a lower cost.

Thanks to Sipleo Access, you have the opportunity to get a professional line in Centrex that will grow with your business.

Sipleo Access,
a scalable offer

The Sipleo Access business telephony offer is transparent and agile. It is constantly evolving thanks to your different projects! 

Our first Sipleo Access* business telephony offering includes:

From this database, you can add additional options at any time as and when needed.

This is why the Sipleo telephony solution is different from other competitors. 

Indeed, you are never locked into a beginner package and our agility allows you even later to incorporate tailor-made features. 

This is why, choosing your telephony implies considering the possibilities of evolution of your company.

Thanks to Sipleo Access you ensure an easier ramp-up of your business and you do not block later.

*This offer is excluding equipment

What is the Centrex included in the Sipleo Access offer?

Centrex is also called IP phone or Voip (Voice over IP) because it uses internet lines and goes through an IP protocol.

Unlike traditional technology, this telephony in the cloud is not hosted by the customer but by the operator. 

Therefore, it requires an internet connection in order to work.

You should know that with Sipleo Access, it is hosted directly in our servers because we are our own telephone operator.

Des serveurs informatiques

What is the difference between a Sipleo Access Centrex plan and a Sipleo Cloud plan?


In Centrex, a server is used for several clients at the same time. 

But with a Sipleo Cloud offer you benefit from a single server for your company as well as other features.

That’s why Centrex plans are cheaper and therefore more economical to begin with.

However, as a customer you do not have a fully dedicated and independent server.

Since Centrex does not allow for example the customization of your configuration.

It is because each offers its advantages and disadvantages that it is important to first understand your need to better choose your telephony.

So do not hesitate to contact us to ask us questions and discuss together what suits you best.

At Sipleo, we offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Additional Options of Sipleo Access

Sipleo Access excluding equipment*

Sipleo Access also offers options for equipment and telephone sets.

Sipleo Mobile App

The Sipleo mobile app is the mobile version of the SipleoAssist Assistant. The mobile application allows you to access your Business telephony from your mobile. Thanks to this, you can use a personal smartphone for professional use seamlessly and find yourself easily in terms of usage but also billing. The application also exists in web version.

Calls recording

Thanks to Sipleo, you have the possibility to record communications. Since with Sipleo you use the recordings for quality control or training purposes in compliance with the rules of the GDPR. Please note that you can record calls within a maximum shelf life of 28 days.

SVI 1 level

The IVR 1 level, allows you to have an Interactive Voice Server at one level. Since this IVR allows you to enter information by the caller in order to implement intelligent routing features. For example, you can program different scenarios according to the time at 1/' hour or by 1/4 hour.

Additional pre-picked up

Thanks to the additional pre-pickup, in the case of an installation with several call numbers, you can play a complementary message to the one broadcast on the main line.


The coupling of your telephony and your computer requires the prior or simultaneous subscription to the SipleoAssist option. Therefore, it is only accessible to Windows workstations. Thanks to the coupling and according to the business software, the CTI allows the synchronization of directories, the "click to call", the lifting of the file and other advanced functions.

SDA additional

An SDA is an additional incoming dial-in number. It allows you to call a correspondent of the installation directly in a direct line or to communicate a number separate from the main number of the installation for specific needs such as customer service, sales department or the subsidiary, for example.

SipleoAssist assistant

The Sipleo Assist Assistant is a Windows application that allows you to control your telephony in a simple and user-friendly way. It allows you to access and manage, for example, supervision, directory, call log, status management, call transfer, conference setting, intercom and more.

Additional France channel

With an additional France channel, you can have the ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously.

Additional voicemail

As its name suggests, the additional voicemail provides an additional answering machine in addition to the main answering machine of the installation.

Unlimited in Europe, Switzerland, USA and Canada

This is the extension of unlimited fixed and mobile to EU countries, Switzerland, the USA and Canada.

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Choosing a Sipleo offer means investing in the future of your company and its possibilities for change.