Sipleo On Premise offer

Do you want to control your professional communications 100% ? Then the Sipleo On Premise offer is for you ! Benefit from a tailor-made professional line and additional options adapted to your business telephony project. 

What is the On-Premise telephony ?

“On Premise” is an English term meaning “on site”. On Premise telephony consists of hosting your telephony solution within your company, in other words: on site.

Depending on what you choose, the installation and equipment can be taken care of, either by Sipleo or by one of our service providers.

On Premise and the other two offers, proposed by our solution, include maintenance and outsourcing. As a result, you have the freedom to choose between leaving the hand to the Sipleo team or having the complete management of your telephony internally.

Whatever your choice: hosting on your premises or in one of our data centers, located in France, your telephony solution belongs to you.


Why choose the Sipleo On Premise offer ?

Sipleo On Premise is an à la carte, agile and modular solution! We’ll tell you more!

As a reminder, Sipleo is a software developed in France. An advantage for you, because we can adapt our program according to your structure and meet your needs very quickly. In addition, our tool is entirely tailor-made. As a result, it will be perfect for your projects as well as your possible technical constraints.

With our Sipleo On Premise offer, you benefit from all the advantages of a dedicated solution, which allows you, for example, to communicate internally without going through the internet or to call a colleague in the event of a link cut.

As a bonus, you also have the possibility to access optimization and customization options!

The additional functionalities to optimize and personalize your telephony

During its configuration, Sipleo offers you multiple features, so that you can optimize and customize your business telephony.

For optimal use, the tools developed by Sipleo are numerous and very advanced! 

These include :

Features help you manage and better protect your business telephony. Discover all the options you can find on Sipleo!

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Choose a flexible and tailor-made offer !

Is your business growing fast ? Do you have new premises and employees ? Our Sipleo PBX accompanies you in your projects !