How can I provide better security for your communications and your employees?

Very often neglected by companies, the security of IP communications, and therefore of the telephone, is essential.

The phone can be a real gateway to the company network for any hacker.

To avoid harm, consider protecting your internal network

The security of your telecommunications at Sipleo

Analyze the security of your company as a whole

Set up a blacklist, record calls or even guarantee the safety of lone workers. At Sipleo, we see security as a whole. Protect your human and digital networks.

What are risks?

Spoofing: identity theft

We are less suspicious of a telephone number than of an email address.
Questioning the identity of the caller is not a usual thing.

However, “spoofing” is a common practice. It consists of usurping the identity of the caller (the Public Treasury, for example).
The callee is not suspicious, the hackers can request “justified” payments by pretending to be the tax office or a partner for example and/or collect information which can be used to harm the company. Bank account numbers can be stolen, for example.

Calls fraud

Hackers use the company's IPBX to make long distance calls. The bill can be hefty for the company (sometimes up to thousands of euros) and proving that it was not the employees who made the calls is generally useless.
Small structures are not spared.

ddos attacks

Websites are not the only targets of attacks of this type. Via your IP device, this type of attack can make your customer service unavailable, for example.

IP telephony: not secure?

The transition to IP technologies has begun. This is the end of the RTC.

Telephone lines using the copper network and the historic France Telecom network will soon no longer be relevant.

Also, from now on, any IP device is connected to both your corporate network and the Internet. Of course, once connected to the internet you expose yourself to the risk of cyber attack. Surveillance cameras and landline telephones can therefore be real security vulnerabilities and weaken the security of your information system.


Choose Sipleo for more security

However, these attacks often highlight the lack of knowledge and information related to IT security in the victim companies or the negligence of telephone system administrators.

Therefore, it is essential to keep software up to date and change system passwords regularly, take care when making remote connections, equip yourself with a firewall, etc.

This work costs a lot of time if you handle it in-house.

A maintenance or outsourcing contract could be the solution for more peace of mind.

Since Sipleo is published by the IT expert company SDI, we know how to advise you and secure your telephony.

Don’t neglect your safety: negligence is expensive.

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