Customer case: medical transport

Medical transport, customer needs

Our client, specialized in medical transport, has more than 425 employees and a fleet of 200 vehicles.

He was looking for a complete solution, adapted to his core business and his needs. Our business telephony solution, Sipleo, took care of the telephone installation and logistics for this ambulance company. An implementation, which allowed us to respond to its problem: guaranteeing the reception of a large number of calls as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A specific need & a suitable solution!

Save time for medical transport

Before the implementation of the Sipleo IP telephone switchboard, our client contacted the 200 drivers to send them their service sheets. Today, thanks to Sipleo, these are automatically transferred by SMS to paramedics.

This configuration saved considerable time for our client’s operator, who spent approximately two hours per day on this mission. After a year, this employee gained 730 hours of work, which he was able to invest elsewhere.

This configuration was possible thanks to the coupling of the Sipleo IPBX with the Lomaco ERP.


Handle calls more efficiently

The coupling of telephony with IT makes the automatic reporting of files possible, when initiating or receiving a call. Thanks to this, an agent saves between 20 to 30 seconds per call. A valuable time saver in a sector that requires reliability and optimal responsiveness.

Our client has a regulation plate with 10 positions. With Sipleo and thanks to agent management (phone connection with password), 20 employees can occupy different positions.

The operator manager visualizes the management of each call from statistics and can supervise the work of his teams more efficiently. This functionality allows it to better organize its agents’ schedules.

Secure calls and protect your employees

For our client, traceability was also an essential point when establishing their needs. As a result, our teams have implemented selective recording of calls, so that a manager or an IT department can find an exchange, which could be the cause of a dispute or dispute, within 6 months .

These recordings are managed by Sipleo, on the same server as the IPBX itself and not via an external tool.


Improve the productivity of your agents

Sipleo brings together all of these features on a single platform (virtual Windows server or not). Our client did not have to make additional investments or manage a complex architecture between various third-party products and/or applications.

Our telephony solution improves the management of a fax solution passing through VoIP transmission and reception, in connection with the Lomaco ERP.

Limit the total cost of the installation

Our business telephone software, facilitating the management of QOS (Quality of Service) and different codecs, encourages the use of data origin VPN. This operation made it possible to limit the total cost of the installation.


A specific need & a suitable solution!

0 h +

work gained per year

0 h +

thanks to the display of customers files

0 h +

thanks to the sending of service sheets


profitability per year

Sipleo & you

Become master of your telephony

Thanks to Sipleo, you gain independence and freedom. You manage your telephony from the Sipleo administrator interface and are independent over your business continuity plan.

Return on investment in less than a year

Taking into account savings on telephone subscriptions; Thanks to the consolidation on a single business telephony solution and the simplification of maintenance operations, our client’s installation became profitable in less than 12 months. Yours can be too!

Implementation of Sipleo in less than 6 months

Getting your telephony project off the ground includes a range of advice, support and training services on Sipleo. For this installation, allow approximately 6 months between the first brief and the operational implementation of the solution.

Change without interruption of service

You move from a traditional multi-site installation to a centralized solution, without interruption of service, in order to receive and process the majority of your incoming calls.

2500 calls handled per day

Sipleo allowed our healthcare transport client to manage 120 telephone numbers and 75 telephones, which represents an average of 2,500 calls per day.

You too can optimize your call management!

To summarize, thanks to the features implemented, our client was able to make considerable savings! With our Sipleo business telephony solution, you improve the efficiency of your services and their returns.

Optimize your telephony with Sipleo!

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