Use case: train an agent or a team

In business, train an agent or a team is essential for the proper functioning of a service. It is also a way of working and taking control of the image of your company. Thanks to call recording, you will be able to train your employees and improve relationships with your customers at the same time.

Use cases concerning the train of an agent or a team

In this example, we don't have a specific company name to give. Therefore, we will name the company in question Company A.

At Entreprise A, offering appropriate and quality customer service is essential for the image, values ​​and success that they wish to convey to their customers, prospects, partners and even suppliers. However, achieving excellent customer service requires training an agent or a team.

This is where call recording comes into play.

🔍 The use case

Company A recently implemented call recording within their structure. They recently hired a brand new employee, who we’ll call Sarah.

Their objective is to train Sarah in the company’s telephone reception, as soon as she arrives. To do this, a manager will activate call recording in order to capture some telephone exchanges between Sarah and the company’s customers.

Once the exchanges have been recorded, the manager organizes an interview with Sarah in order to have her listen to the recordings. This time allows her to provide the necessary feedback so that she can maintain her course of action and/or note some areas for improvement.

💡 Compliance with regulations

Before starting this whole process, Company A must inform its new employee. Sarah needs to be made aware that every conversation they have is being recorded. The latter must also know the telephone recording periods and the individual feedback that may follow.

⏳Conservation of wiretapping

As a general rule and in this case of use, the retention of recordings of telephone calls must not exceed 6 months.

Under certain conditions, the duration may be longer than 6 months. However, this must be justified either by a text imposing a specific deadline, or in a precise manner.


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