Text message sending

According to a study conducted in 2020 on text message sending, 95.16% of SMS sent reach their target more easily and are read instantly.

Why include text message sending in your business strategy?


Sending short messages or SMS notifications is a means of communication that is becoming more and more widespread.

The performance percentage is exceptionally high! We see that more than 95% of people open the messages they receive very quickly. For comparison, the open rate for email marketing is between 15 and 20%.

Thanks to our telephony solution, sending SMS becomes simpler than sending emails. In addition, on Sipleo, the features and benefits are numerous!

What are the benefits of the text message sending
for your business?

Instant text message sending

This functionality brings a real plus to your business. It considerably facilitates conversation between your colleagues and your customers, who can discuss a subject instantly.

Diversity of device used

Thanks to the tools developed by Sipleo, text messages can be sent directly from a computer, a landline (with a SIM card and a box) or from your Sipleo Mobile. Messages you send with your phone will automatically sync to your computer and vice versa.

Precise targeting

For your colleagues or customers, exchanging messages (text messages) can be easier and more appreciated than telephone calls. Social interaction is certainly less obvious, but the target is reached more quickly.

Which Sipleo tools allow you to send SMS?

Sipleo has developed two tools that allow you to send or receive SMS messages.

SipleoAssist software

SipleoAssist is software that you can find on your laptop or desktop. With this app, you can send or receive messages. The text messages you receive can also be viewed on your landline phone.

SipleoAssist is present in all the offers offered by our business telephony solution: Sipleo Access, Sipleo Cloud and Sipleo On Premise.


Sipleo Mobile app

The second software, Sipleo Mobile app, only included in the Sipleo Access, Sipleo Cloud or Sipleo On Premise offers, gives your employees the possibility of working with their mobile phone in the same way as with their office phone and makes teleworking much easier. more accessible.

Make internal communication easier!

Questions about text message sending?