Skills management

Sipleo is a business telephony solution, which facilitates the management of your incoming and outgoing calls, thanks to sorting carried out according to the knowledge or skills of your employees.

What is skills management on Sipleo?


Our business telephony solution helps and supports your employees throughout their exchanges.

Sipleo has developed features that make the filtering and routing of your telephone conversations more efficient. Using Smart Settings, certain criteria can be highlighted to meet the caller’s needs, including: Skills.

How does it work ?

From your Sipleo administrator interface, we integrate a set of variables that adapts to your company and your internal organization. First of all, the implementation of an interactive voice server (IVR) is necessary to be able to filter incoming calls.

When a customer contacts you, your interactive voice server (IVR) will perform four actions:

Identify the origin of the call using the telephone number

Ask the caller to press the number(s) corresponding to their request

Take the caller's requests into account

Redirect them to the right person or service adapted to their problem

What are the advantages ?

Improvement of the user journey

Call redirection based on the skills sought by the caller will improve and facilitate their user journey.

Efficient handling of all calls

In fact, skills management makes the exchange between your agents and your callers much clearer! Once calls are redirected to the contact person corresponding to the skills sought by the customer, they can be handled more efficiently and quickly.

For example: if one of your callers speaks a foreign language (Italian, Spanish, German, etc.), employees who are bilingual or who regularly speak one of these languages ​​can understand the request and respond more easily.

The customer is even more comfortable and relaxed when he realizes that someone on the other end of the line understands him and can easily answer his questions.

Meet your customers’ needs more easily!

Need to configure the different skills of your employees on Sipleo?