The filter on IP addresses

The IP address filter on Sipleo gives you the ability to view all the IP addresses you have chosen to filter.

What is the IP address filter on Sipleo for?

This option will allow you to view all of the IP addresses that you have decided to filter, in other words, those that you have blocked and those that you wish to unblock.

In your Sipleo administrator area, you have access to a range of security features, in particular that concerning the filter on IP addresses.

To optimize your security, this functionality can be combined perfectly with the ban of IP addresses or the list of attacks.

What are the benefits of this feature?

This feature, combined with the IP address ban and attack list, makes your internal security more efficient.

Thanks to this first option: the address filter, Sipleo assures you:

Better identification of all IP addresses

Complete control over all of your security

Managing IP addresses freely and simply

Power to block or unblock an IP address at any time

More peaceful use of your business telephony

Secure your telephony with other tools


Beyond this tool, you can make the security of your business telephony more efficient by using other options, such as the automatic ban of certain IP addresses or the list of attacks.

Configure your first filter!

Need help setting up this feature? Our Sipleo support answers all your questions regarding the security of your business telephones.