Sipleo Cloud offer

What are the benefits of a cloud server?

Our Sipleo Cloud offer allows you to benefit from a professional solution stored on a dedicated server in France and to guarantee more security and control over your business telephony.

What is Sipleo cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is a practice, which allows to store / host in a data center, the infrastructures necessary to make and receive phone calls.

Unlike a traditional system (on site) where you operate your telephony thanks to a materialized telephone switchboard, here, you use a dematerialized solution stored on a secure cloud.

Sipleo Cloud : a dedicated telephony

An inexpensive offer...

Thanks to Sipleo Cloud, your company benefits from the features of remote and secure telephony. Our offer also allows you not to make too expensive an investment, because with our solution you do not need to buy infrastructure and you only pay for what you need!

For example, the number of simultaneous communications, the number of lines or extensions, etc.


... And fully customizable

Thanks to the multiple options offered in its hosted telephony offers, Sipleo brings you real added value. With Sipleo and when you opt for a dedicated cloud, you have the opportunity to more easily customize your solution according to your needs.

In addition, our hosted solution gives you the opportunity to set up more technical options, such as coupling your telephony to your business software compatible with Sipleo, in order to gain in productivity.

This flexibility is one of the many reasons why our business telephony software is a solution appreciated by auto-entrepreneurs, VSBs and SMEs. In addition, our ability to work in agile mode allows us to respond as quickly as possible to your requests and thus improve the software regularly !

In « centrex » : a shared server

The centrex is available in the Sipleo Cloud offer, as well as in the Sipleo Access offer. This stores your data on a server shared with other clients.

This configuration is ideal for very small structures (about 5 people maximum), which only need a simple and efficient telephony. In addition, the centrex offers all companies, located on the same server, an identical and non-customizable configuration.

Your company’s data may be stored on the server of one of our resellers or at Sipleo.

However, if you want to have a dedicated server, which meets specific needs, choose Cloud or On Premise offers.


Simplify your telephony management with the Cloud

Sipleo Cloud also facilitates the management of your business telephony (simplified maintenance and billing) while keeping your data secure! It simplifies your administrative tasks and saves you time. Indeed, with the cloud, you only generate a single invoice.

In addition, in this package, hardware maintenance and outsourcing are included. 

It is also important to know that our services are hosted in France. We use a Tier IV data center to ensure optimal security.  

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Choose an offer adapted to your business!

Do you have new projects (change of agency/premises, recruitment) ? Sipleo is modular ! The Sipleo Cloud telephony offer adapts perfectly to multi-site configurations. This allows you to manage your telephony from any location, which will make your mobility even easier !