Fibre-optic internet

What are caracteristics of the fibre-optic internet? 

Fibre-optic internet: a very high-speed connection

Today, Internet access is at the heart of every society.

Thanks to the Internet, your employees can communicate with each other or with your partners:

Sending and receiving e-mails

Taking part in videoconferences or teleconferences

Instant chat

Watching videos


Internet access slowdowns and outages can impact your company’s business and prevent your employees from working effectively.

Setting up the Internet and developing fibre are strategic points for your company. They will enable you to optimise the speed with which pages on a site are displayed or give your employees the possibility of accessing their data online, at the office.

With Sipleo Télécom, you have access links to very high-speed, very high-availability networks. Our solutions are scalable and adapted to your immediate or future needs.


High-speed advantages for your business telephony

High-speed improves many of the tools we use every day:

Messaging service

Faster sending and receiving of e-mails

Collaborative tools

Easy access to file-sharing and management software, etc.

Communication over IP

Videoconferencing, video surveillance or telepresence tools

Outsourced backup

Easy outsourced back-up to secure your data

Gain speed on everyday tools

When you choose fibre, you’re choosing a solution that’s reliable, available and fast. Thanks to fibre, you can speed up your projects and enjoy a great user experience!

Very High Speed Broadband will revolutionise the way you work. This technology will change the way you interact with your staff, customers and prospects.

With fibre, you can prepare your business for the digital tools of tomorrow: cloud, videoconferencing, communications results, etc.

Types of fibre-optic internet high speed

Sipleo Télécom supports you in this quest for performance and offers you two types of fibre, which could be adapted to your company’s profile, your use of Internet tools or your geographical location.

Our telecoms operator, Sipleo, offers you two types of fibre: FTTO and FTTH. FTTO fibre is a dedicated link that gives you access to a very high and more secure speed. FTTH fibre, on the other hand, is pooled and shared with several other subscribers: businesses or private individuals.

Upgrade your business to very high-speed!

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