Supervisor tool

The Supervisor tool was created so that you can see in real time what is happening in your company. Discover all the advantages here!

What is the Supervisor tool on Sipleo?

On Sipleo, the Supervisor is a feature that will allow you to supervise all of the telephone calls of each employee.


To improve the productivity of your company and guarantee a certain security, you or some of your agents can have access to specific telephone conversations.

This could be a question of:

  • Quality: to find out if the new trainer is following the process well,
  • Practicality: to remind you of the contact details of a particular customer that you forgot to write down
  • Security: to protect your employees from possible disagreements with certain customers.

Whatever the reason, it must be justified, but also that all people must be kept informed of the recording of the conversation and of potential eavesdropping.

Complete software

Our software also gives you the ability to view statistics of all calls made.

This very comprehensive tool gives you control over a lot of data to help you supervise your teams with complete peace of mind!

What are the advantages of our telephone monitoring tool?

The Supervisor tool gives you access to telephone information concerning your entire team.

In addition to being able to listen to calls or messages on the answering machine. What are the other advantages?

Add or remove a contact

With Supervisor tool, if one of your agents is on the phone and you need to add another person to the current call, you can do so very easily!

You also have the option of removing a person during a telephone conversation.


End a call with Supervisor

From your supervision tool, you can end a call simply and directly. Do you notice that one of your colleagues is making a personal call via company communications?

Sipleo allows you to end this exchange with just one click.

View all calls

The Supervisor gives you access, in real time, to all calls made within your company. You can view the extensions connected to your IP telephone switchboard and have a call history.

This Sipleo feature is capable of tracking everything related to telephony within your premises!


Listening to voicemail messages

Thanks to the Supervisor tool as well as your Sipleo IP telephone switchboard, you can listen to messages left on your employees’ answering machines, directly from your computer.

Listening to live calls

Is the exchange with the customer going well? Is the trainee able to transmit all the information learned during his training? To be sure, you can listen to the phone conversation live.

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Record calls with your IPBX

Thanks to Sipleo, you can record a conversation that seems important to you. To do this, simply click on the “start recording” button. Call recording is a feature available with your Sipleo IP telephone switchboard.


How does the Supervisor tool work?

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Supervise your telephone exchanges!

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