The list of attacks

The list of attacks allows you to more easily manage any hacking attempts and secure your business telephony.

What is the list of attacks on Sipleo?

Simplified management of the list of attacks

On Sipleo, the attack list is a page on which all intrusion attempts are listed.

Indeed, from your Sipleo administrator interface, you can manage all attacks in just a few clicks. You have control over: the status, the start date, the end date, the login used, the IP address, the number of attacks and the action to be defined in the event of possible intrusions.


Optimized visualization to keep control

This space allows you to easily manage and see any hacking attempts and secure your business telephony.

Visualizing all attacks is a way to keep control over the security of your telephony solution. Thus, you can, at any time, intervene in the event of danger for your company.

What are the possible actions to secure your telephony on Sipleo?

Place one or more IP addresses in a category

In your Sipleo administrator area, in the “attacks list” category you have an “actions” column, which gives you the possibility of acting on questionable or overly intrusive IP addresses.

Thanks to our solution, you have two possible actions to secure your business telephony:


Bring together all IP addresses that are authorized or are no longer considered potential attacks.


Lists all permanently blocked IP addresses.

Change a category IP address in the attack list

Regardless of which category an IP address is in, it can be modified and added to the other category, at any time and as many times as you wish.

For example: if the IP address has tried to connect to your space countless times, you can blacklist it. If it turns out that it is one of your colleagues who is trying to connect and you want to unblock their IP address, you can move their IP to the whitelist.

On Sipleo, there is also a category called “IP filter”. It allows you to view and find more easily all the IP addresses on which an action has been applied (white or black list).

Addresses can also be blocked instantly based on certain automatic settings, which you have previously defined.

What are the advantages ?

Managing a list of attacks on Sipleo generates numerous benefits for your business.

The list of attacks allows you to keep control of the security of your telephony in general. It’s also a good way to protect your budget, which can increase if people try to hack your installation.

This page gives you a quick overview of all the IP addresses that connect to your business telephony. In addition, other tools give you the ability to filter all IP addresses and classify them into two different lists according to their degree of dangerousness: white or black.

Secure your telephony differently

In addition to the list of attacks, you can protect your business telephony by using other options, such as setting up a firewall or banning certain IP addresses.

How does this option work?

Questions about how attack lists work or IP address filtering?