The pre-hooked

Pre-hooked: what is it?

Pre-hooked is a feature that gives you time to finalize a task before answering a call, without risking losing the person you are talking to.

For example: you are finalizing a file, you have an incoming call, but you do not want to lose track; you can make the caller wait by activating the broadcast of a welcome message or information relating to your company: opening hours, new product, answer to a recurring question, etc.

Installing this option on your Sipleo is a way to make your telephone reception more warm and professional.

This can also retransmit music on hold from an audio file or an announcement with the synthetic voice generator.

This solution is essential for your business, because it will help your employees efficiently manage all incoming calls. They will thus be able to complete a file without being interrupted.


What are the advantages of pre-removal with Sipleo?


Make the wait more pleasant

While waiting for you to answer, this feature plays on-hold messages or music to the caller. This way, your interlocutor waits patiently and may find it less time consuming. Indeed, this type of telephone greeting captures the customer's attention, tends to make them calmer and encourages them not to hang up.

Take advantage of the wait to disseminate information

This is the ideal tool for disseminating relevant information about your company: new products, promotions, clearance sales or anything else. During these few minutes, the customer waits patiently. In addition, he pays particular attention to his phone and what he is listening to, so as not to miss the call with a member of your team.

Customize your pre-hook

This option is fully customizable: adding music and synthesized voice or recorded voice. Once your pre-registration is finalized, you can publish it from our MiXoR software or via the Sipleo web administration interface


How to install a pre-hooked with Sipleo?

Our team explains how to install a pre-hook on the Sipleo IPBX in this video tutorial.

Play Video about sipleo-on-premise-telephonie-entreprise-ipbx-sipleo

Need help setting up your first pre-hooked?

Do not hesitate to request training for your employees, in order to facilitate the use of all Sipleo features and improve the overall productivity of your company.