Customer case: CER France Provence

Customer case: CER France Provence. This accounting firm called on Sipleo to optimize their telephony and the work of their secretary.

Accounting firm, the needs of CER France Provence:


CER France is the leading associative consulting and accounting network in France, serving around 320,000 clients from all sectors of activity: agriculture, crafts, commerce, services, liberal professions, SMEs, etc.

With more than 700 agencies located throughout the national territory, CER France offers strong geographical proximity to local economic players.

In our client case, we collaborated mainly with several agencies in the CER France Provence network.


Before the installation of Sipleo, the different CER France Provence sites were independent. Each agency had its own telephone number.

The secretary, in charge of telephone reception and call distribution, was therefore not used too often, because their clients contacted the agencies concerned directly.

With this type of organization, the accountants of each establishment had to take half a day to answer all the calls.

A waste of time and a lack of productivity corrected when installing Sipleo!

A specific problem & adapted software!

Benefit from more powerful telephony thanks to Sipleo.


With Sipleo, telephone reception is managed by a single person. Calls are thus handled by the secretary and processed more efficiently.

Our business telephony solution optimizes customer relations, the use of human resources and, consequently, increases the productivity of each accounting firm.


Simplified call distribution with SipleoAssist

Thanks to SipleoAssist, the CER France Provence secretary can redistribute each incoming call to the desired accounting firm.

This tool, developed by Sipleo, makes it easier to visualize the availability (online, absent, busy, free) of each agency, to be able to transfer and process the call in the best conditions.

SipleoAssist: a complete tool

All members, who have the SipleoAssist software, can therefore view the availability of employees or consult the call log and common directory.

CER France accountants have the possibility of sending messages (SMS) internally (by inserting a SIM card into a suitable box) or externally (using a GSM gateway and a subscription).

In addition, they have the power to switch a call to another telephone, to a cell phone or to leave it only on the telephone switchboard.


Save time and more freedom FOR CER FRANCE PROVENCE!

The configuration of Sipleo within each firm saved considerable time for all CER France Provence accountants and allowed the secretary to find her place.

Accountants are thus free to practice their profession, without spending half a day on calls. The secretary, for her part, was able to take over the telephone reception!

Facilitate mobility and productivity

The Sipleo business telephony solution increases employee mobility tenfold.

CER France Provence DECT (cordless office telephones) are recognized in all agencies.

They can therefore move from one site to another without having to make new configurations.

Today, the installation brings together 10 sites of the accounting firm in the PACA region (04 – 05 – 06 and 83). Optical fiber is installed on the central site and is being deployed in other practices.

VPN and SDSL access are installed in the remaining offices, to allow accountants to access the internet (ADSL/SDSL), while having a secure network (VPN).

VPN (Virtual Protect Network) is an essential tool for people wishing to work remotely.

Enhance your telephony with Sipleo!

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