What is a MPLS VPN?

A MPLS VPN in your company will connect your sites (or nomadic workers) to a private network and secure communications.

VPN: what is it for?

Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) in your company will make it possible to “connect” your sites (or nomadic workers) on the same private network.

This network architecture secures communications.

Employees are increasingly mobile and the technologies used to connect to the network have evolved (VDSL, Fiber-optic Internet, 4G, etc.).

This is why to facilitate access to the company’s network and data wherever you are, it is necessary to use a VPN.

What are advantages of a VPN?

Maximum security

Guarantee yourself a truly private network with maximum security to connect all your sites and all of your users.

Administer your network

Configure your network as you wish: creating rules, setting up URL filters, managing port openings and many other options.

Optimized monitoring

View your bandwidth consumption in real time and display all connections on your network. For example, on your main site but also all teleworkers and secondary sites.

VPN: the secure tool for teleworkers

The democratization of mobility and teleworking in businesses requires technical and security adjustments.

The company must organize the necessary changes in order to deploy a secure remote working program and maintain contact between its employees as best as possible.

It is indeed important to set up remote connection infrastructures.

Giving traveling (or teleworking) workers the opportunity to consult the intranet outside their offices can be crucial for the company’s activity.

The Internet and a virtual private network (VPN) allow company employees to access business applications used on a daily basis. And this anywhere and at any time.


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