Customer case: 3 bois

Customer case: 3 Bois. The company called on Sipleo to meet specific needs regarding his business telephony. Come and discover them!

3 bois, firewood store



3 Bois is a human-sized firewood store (10 to 19 employees), located in Varennes-sur-Allier, in France.

Since 2016, the SME has specialized in the production of very high quality granules and pellets.


In France, for several years, with the various confinements and a considerable increase in prices, the French have chosen to change their heating system.

Today, the most economical is heating with wood, with pellets or pellets. Requests are increasing sharply (+30% compared to 2021 according to the LaCroix newspaper) and the yield is excellent.

Ukraine is one of the main pellet producing countries.

However, with the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, production has decreased considerably and the price of pellets has soared (50% in one year – 70% by the end of 2022).

Added to this is also the increase in the cost of transport, packaging bags, etc.

An imbalance, which has led to a scarcity of pellets in many brands and in particular at 3 Bois.

An important development

With his know-how, he is in enormous demand. 3 Bois faces ever-increasing orders and can only meet low demand.

A specific problem & adapted software!


In order to make telephone exchanges more productive, 3 Bois wanted to use a tailor-made telephony solution, configured with its Wavesoft business software. The company asked Sipleo to manage its incoming calls, based on two types of customers:


Wholesalers, resellers...

Private sellers

Being in their delivery area


Sipleo has implemented optimized filtering, thanks to an interactive voice server (IVR), so that customers can have a suitable telephone reception.

Configuring an IVR for your business telephony can be an inexpensive and very advantageous way to redirect your customers to the right services.

Thanks to the advanced configuration of certain functionalities, the 3 Bois company was able to simplify exchanges with its contacts and relieve its employees. This made it possible to:

Couple the Wavesoft ERP with the Sipleo solution to facilitate sorting intelligence

Recognize a professional or an individual by their telephone number

Sort all incoming calls based on where individuals contacting the store live

Request information from a caller if certain information is not known (telephone number, etc.)

Collect customer files automatically thanks to the coupling of telephony and IT (CTI)


This configuration greatly simplifies the management of all incoming calls.

From the first rings, the customer is, without realizing it, automatically redirected to the service adapted to their profile (professional or individual) or to their place of residence (delivery area or not).

This system prevents a company’s employees from responding negatively to a customer request. It also includes other benefits!

You should know that this intelligent sorting would not be possible without the coupling of telephony and IT (CTI). The connection between Sipleo and your business software is a major asset in managing your calls (incoming and outgoing).



The functionalities implemented from the interactive voice server (IVR) are both beneficial for the customers of the 3 Bois store, but also for its employees.

On the one hand, the strategy implemented positively increases the experience of each customer, who saves considerable time when triaging calls.

Thanks to the information transmitted via the IVR, they are automatically directed to the service corresponding to their needs. An advantage for customers, who want to be in contact quickly with an agent.

On the other hand, it optimizes the comfort of all users and significantly improves the performance of the company (call filtering). This configuration also helps save time and productivity for employees of the 3 Bois company.

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