Blacklists give you control over calls. You can therefore authorize or refuse some or all outgoing calls.

What is a blacklist on Sipleo?

Blacklists are rules put in place to restrict outgoing phone calls.

For example: you have the possibility of prohibiting a particular position, service (technical, commercial, etc.) or agent from calling mobile numbers or contacting people abroad.

Why create blacklists?

Thanks to your Sipleo IPBX and this functionality, you can better manage your telephone consumption and ensure that certain internal rules are respected.

Thanks to blacklists, you have control over all calls, which gives you the possibility of authorizing or refusing some or all outgoing calls.

How use this tool on Sipleo?

Block a specific number with blacklists

You can block calls from a particular number by indicating the targeted number when configuring your Sipleo.

For example: one of your colleagues makes personal calls to his home and wastes too much time on the phone, the functionality helps to avoid this type of situation.

Create precise exit rules

To configure blacklists, it is also possible to create very precise exit rules, by dialing the prohibited numbers and adding either a “*” or a “? “. The asterisk replaces all numbers and the question mark replaces a single number.

For example: would you like to prohibit outgoing numbers that start with 03? On your Sipleo administrator interface, you will enter the following rule: 03*.

Manage your telephony as best as possible thanks to blacklists!

Thanks to specific configurations, you can block certain outgoing calls: to mobile phones, internationally, to certain landlines… In addition, on Sipleo, there is also an option that allows you to filter incoming calls using rules incoming calls. This way, you have better control over your telephone consumption and your telephony in general.

Blacklists will save you considerable time and money.



How to configure this option?

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Secure your telephony with other tools

In addition to blacklists, you can protect your business telephony by using other options, such as a VPN or a firewall.

Configure this option for more peace of mind!

Need help creating your first blacklist?