Mobility and teleworking

In a context where mobility in business is almost becoming a necessity, what means can you implement to facilitate and improve teleworking within your structure?

Thanks to Sipleo, you can get a professional line and use it safely wherever you are!

Why choose a telephony solution that allows mobility and teleworking?

Since the health crisis, teleworking has been strengthened or developed in the majority of French companies. If for some this mode of working was a habit, for others, the experience was rather positive and will, in most companies, certainly be implemented part-time or full-time.

However, to be able to telework in good conditions, you must remember to equip yourself well. Sipleo is here to help! Our business telephony solution offers you tailor-made offers and options to make your employees more mobile.

What offers does Sipleo offer to optimize working from home?

To optimize your remote work, Sipleo offers you offers adapted to your mobility, with the possibility of adding functionalities.

Sipleo Cloud offer

The Sipleo Cloud offer could meet your needs! Indeed, Sipleo Cloud gives you control over the management of interfaces, which allows you to be compatible with the operation of teleworkers and multi-site configurations.

For example, you have the possibility to manage and control the telephony of your store, which is not located in the same location as your company headquarters. You can also access your session during your business trips using the Sipleo Mobile application.


Some tools to optimize teleworking and mobility within your company

Here are some personalized tools, developed by Sipleo, to optimize teleworking and mobility within your company:

Sipleo Mobile app

Thanks to our Sipleo business telephony solution, you are more flexible and more mobile!

Combining landline and mobile is the simplest way to facilitate teleworking in business. Your colleagues will be reachable from a single number, whether on their landline or mobile phone and this will make no difference to you or the person you are talking to.

Sipleo can also “link” an external number to one or more extensions. Thanks to this, your landline, cordless (DETC) phone and your cell phone can ring at the same time when you receive a call. Will your mobiles have the same call transfer or conference functions as a landline? In addition, your messages are collected in the same voicemail box!

sipleo-mobile-sipleo-telephonie-mobility-and-teleworking (1)

Supervision & SipleoAssist software

The Supervision tool will also facilitate mobility and teleworking within your company. This offers you an almost real-time visualization of current communications.

As for SipleoAssist, it informs you about the duration of the call, the availability of a colleague or even the calling and called numbers (call log).

When you travel or at home, you are kept informed of the activity of your employees and your company.

Concept of agent

The notion of agent allows you to dissociate a natural person from a position, a telephone, a line or even an office… A significant advantage to offer your employees the possibility of working in different locations every day ! The agent just has to identify himself upon arrival with a username and password, before returning to his session.

Make your company more mobile!

Do you want to make your employees more mobile and offer them a unique working environment by making remote work easier? Contact us or fill out our form to request a quote!