When you select the PABX Sipleo, it means that you are going to improve the productivity of your employees. Our switchboard facilitates mobility in your business by unifying your communications (all means of communications: fax, fixe line phone, cell phone, email…).

Do your company and your staffs need to be “connected” to the office without being physically there? Are you a small enterprise and do you want to work during business trips? Whatever your size (up to 400 devices) or configuration (multi-sites, telecommuting  …) Sipleo has been thought to facilitate your daily work!

What are the interests ?

More flexibility

Today, more and more people are concerned with “teleworking”. Sipleo, via its management web interface, can be compatible with a configuration which authorizes teleworkers and multi-sites.

For example, you can manage and control your local office’s telephony even if it is not in the same location as your headquarters. You will also have access to your session during your business travels. So the Sipleo switchboard and telecommuting fit perfectly and encourage flexibility and mobility.

More mobility, more availability

The fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) allows you to reach a person with one single number (on the landline or mobile phone, both of them ring at the same time). Members of your company remain reachable regardless of where they are. Your mobile phone will have the same functions as your fixed line phone (call transfers or conference). Your messages are collected in the same voicemail box: you do not waste your time answering your various voicemail boxes.


Supervision tools allow you to view, in real-time, all communications over your installations. You will be informed of the length, of the state (occupied, lost, recorded…) of all calls whatever they are done or received. When you are traveling or when you are at home, you are kept informed of the activities of your employees and more generally of your company.

Possibility to do call conferences

Can one or more of your employees bring something interesting to the ongoing call? The possibility to do call conferences – in a very simple way with Sipleo Assist – will make you more complete and more reactive for your customers, prospects or employees. Just in a few clicks, sales representatives, executives, wherever they are, will be reached … and will participate to your discussions as if they were with you.

The function “agent”

The notion of “agent” allows us to separate a particular person from a phone, a line, a desk … This means that a person can work in different locations each day. The agent just has to identify itself at its arrival (username and personal password). This procedure will allow the agent to regain its session. You can oversee the agent and find its call statistics easily. This concept is particularly interesting for call centers activities …

Geographical locations

This function is a plus for multi-sites configuration. Indeed, emergency numbers are not the same depending on where offices are located. By combining a session to a geographical site, emergency numbers will correspond to those valid in the area where the person will be identified.