The firewall

The firewall acts as a wall between connections and your system. It allows your company to protect itself from hacking.

What is a firewall?

This is software and/or hardware that helps enforce your security needs.

In fact, it acts as a “wall” between the connections and your system. In addition, it allows your business to protect itself from Internet dangers and hacking (ransomware, Trojan horses, etc.), by blocking suspicious connections.

Why use the firewall on Sipleo?v

avoid data loss

Regardless of the attack, the results are often similar. An attack generally results in partial or complete loss of data and is accompanied by a direct or indirect loss of money.

Win a hosted firewall

Thanks to the Sipleo solution, you can benefit from a hosted firewall in the cloud. By default, it is integrated into our telephony offer, because for us, security is essential.

With our system, you only accept legitimate traffic, that is, traffic authorized by the security policy established by your company.

What are the advantages of a UTM?

You see:

Unusual traffic patterns

When your employees visit sites potentially capable of threatening your network or your e-reputation

When you use the most bandwidth

Where are your network slowdowns coming from?

In one click, the most visited sites and those that threaten your network

The most easily used applications

All hacking attempts

The origin of the attacks

Secure your telephony differently


In addition to this option, you can protect your business telephony by using other options, such as: configuring blacklists, a VPN or even automatic banning of IP addresses.

Protect your business telephony!

Questions about how a firewall works?