The coupling of telephony and IT (CTI)

To what extent can you take advantage of the benefits offered by the coupling of telephony and IT? We explain it to you here!

Coupling of telephony and IT (CTI): how does it work?


Coupling of telephony with IT: highly recommended!

This feature connects your telephone sets to your company’s PCs.

Our business telephony solution links to your business application (CRM, ERP, messaging, etc.), to support you and help you process your customers’ requests as quickly and easily as possible. The coupling of telephony with computers (CTI) makes it easier to recognize the number of the called party (initiating a call) or the caller (receiving a call).

Saving time and productivity

Once the contact person is identified, this connection automates certain tasks, which saves you and your agents considerable time. Thanks to this functionality, your employees can work, as usual, on their business software (CRM, ERP and other tools, etc.) and transcribe the usual entries: customer follow-up, quote, next appointment, etc. …

This feature makes your agents more productive and attentive because they repeat certain operations many times during the day.

Is CTI a strategic functionality?

Coupling telephony with IT consists of jointly using the resources of your information system with your corporate IP telephony, in order to respond quickly to the multiple requests from your interlocutors.

The latter makes certain actions possible. It improves both the performance of your teams on many tasks, but also the experience of your customers.

The functionalities of coupling telephony with IT

Directory synchronization

Automatic feedback of customer files

Launching calls from business software

Registration of tasks in the CRM

Time management

Calls recording

Personalization and improvement of customer follow-up

More efficient call management and processing

CTI is a strategic feature because it makes customer relations much simpler and the work of your agents more interesting. This allows you to optimally use all of your ERP and CRM software.

This coupling generates numerous advantages. In addition to simplifying communication between your agents and your customers, it creates new features such as Click to Call or the automatic reporting of customer files when receiving or launching a call.

The Sipleo IPBX telephone switchboard simplifies the integration of your telephony with your computer software, thanks to 18 coupling modes (tap, http, etc.).


How to couple your CRM to the Sipleo IPBX?

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CTI improves customer relations

Implementing a telephony solution is truly beneficial for your business.

Coupling telephony with IT improves the management of customer files

Coupling your CRM with the Sipleo IPBX will strengthen the management of your customers and/or partners. This speeds up the time it takes to qualify a call. In fact, the information directly entered by the advisor is automatically fed back into your computer software (ERP, CRM, etc.).

And makes your employees more productive

Thanks to Sipleo, the productivity of coupling users is increasing. You should know that the coupling of telephony with IT also affects the management of your communication strategies, which are required to use multi-channel functionality: telephony, email, click-to-call, etc.

Software coupled with the Sipleo IPBX

Take advantage of essential features thanks to the connection between your telephony solution and your business software! Sipleo is compatible with these software and can also be compatible with others. To find out more, contact our team!

Make your daily work easier with Sipleo!

Questions about coupling your telephony with your computer software?