Softwares compatible with Sipleo

Our business telephony solution Sipleo is compatible with many management and accounting software! These couplings make your telecommunications more efficient, mobile and productive.

Discover on this page, the softwares compatible with Sipleo!

Softwares compatible with Sipleo - management


Wavesoft is an independent French management software designer, mainly dedicated to SMEs. Since 2003, the company has been deploying numerous innovative management solutions, marketed through more than 70 approved skills centers.

The modules developed by Wavesoft combine the key functions of various companies:

This is an innovative solution and appreciated by many users to this day.


Codial is a powerful and flexible management software package, which provides many solutions to companies (VSEs, SMEs, micro-enterprises, etc.) by meeting their immediate and future needs. It mainly targets 7 sectors of activity:

The software, developed by the French company Saitec, is easy to learn and integrates, every year, new “business” functionalities, resulting from the problems encountered in the field by their distributors.

Codial is one of the software with which Sipleo collaborates to offer you ever more flexibility and mobility in the management of your telephony.


Sellsy is a French company, created in 2009, by two entrepreneurs: Frédéric Coulais and Alain Mavellec, for entrepreneurs. The French company wants to offer innovation to companies and its employees. Sellsy’s strength is its user-oriented approach. From the start, the founders of CRM wanted to offer a product for users and not for CIOs.

Today, the tool has nearly 6,500 customers and more than 35,000 users in around 40 countries.

The management software offers you simple, secure and efficient digital solutions concerning:


Since 2018, E-Deal has merged with the company Efficy CRM. The brand was previously one of the leaders among all CRMs in France.

The E-Deal CRM offers innovative solutions to guide companies in their customer management.

E-Deal offers tools capable of responding to the problems of many fields of activity:

The customer relationship management platform generates a collaborative database, so that all information is shared between the different collaborators.


Salesforce is an American software publisher specializing in customer relationship management (or CRM) on the Cloud. This provides multiple departments (marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer service, IT, etc.) with a unified view of all of the company’s customers.

This tool allows:

Saleforce is a complete technology, which creates new jobs, new communities of users and offers more freedom.


Specialized in computerized industrial management, the tool has been diversifying for more than 15 years in management solutions such as ERP Cegid, CRM or the specific development of applications.

Prologic accompanies each client throughout their objectives. With its knowledge and skills in the deployment of ERP projects, the brand is also recognized as being committed.

Microsoft Dynamics

It is an optimized management solution, which automates sales and services, interacts with customers, anticipates their journeys and meets all their needs.

Microsoft Dynamics gives you the power to grow companies by connecting your data, processes, and people with intelligent business software. This allows you to choose the solutions that suit you, from a wide choice.

It also adapts to your environment and/or your business:

Softwares compatible with Sipleo - accounting


EBP was one of the pioneers of solution editors. About 35 years ago, it was the first publisher to offer solutions accessible to SMEs and VSEs in France. Today, it is at the service of companies with a unique range of high-performance and tailor-made software. It accompanies creators, craftsmen, merchants, independent professions and SMEs.

Innovation and adaptability are at the heart of EBP software. The solution offers you standard offers with a wide functional depth and tailor-made offers with a rather modular and scalable approach.


Agiris is a software belonging to the ISAGRI Group, which designs and integrates IT solutions that facilitate the daily life of many entrepreneurs. The brand is distinguished by independence, innovation and long-term investment.

Every day, their energy is devoted to the entrepreneurial adventure of their clients. Agiris demonstrates a strong desire to be the reference partner for the digital and human transformation of many companies.

The software helps you to:


ACD is a very recent software publisher, dedicated mainly to accountants and/or chartered accountants.

Created in 2010, ACD offers a wide range of products, from management to modification of your company’s accounting. The editor’s suite is available in various modules, which represent productivity levers for each accounting firm:

On ACD you will find many features that allow you to significantly improve the management of your business accounting.


Sage is the market leader in integrated accounting, payroll and payment solutions. It helps and accompanies each company, established in more than 20 countries around the world, in:

Sage also supports many business creators and offers several supports in terms of choice, assistance, expertise and innovation.

The solution offers all its users the freedom to work on the move.

Questions about the compatibility of Sipleo with your business software?

Indeed, Sipleo can be compatible with other management, CRM, accounting or messaging software solutions.

If you have any questions about a possible coupling between your business software and our business telephony solution, contact us!