Sipleo Mobile app

Why use the Sipleo Mobile app in your company? You use your professional line on your smartphone and can be more mobile.

Download the Sipleo Mobile developed by Sipleo on IOS or Android!

Gain mobility with Sipleo Mobile app!

Sipleo Mobile is the application that allows you to make and receive business calls from your iPhone or Android phone. Thanks to the application, the telephone number displayed on your interlocutor’s mobile phone is the same as that of your landline.


On the Sipleo mobile app, you can use the following features:

Make and receive calls on your cell phone

Change situation (busy, offline or available) and view the status of your employees more easily

Use the company directory

Be reachable on the same professional number whether you are on site or traveling

Create or participate in one or more conference calls

Read your voice messages on professional messaging

Make transfers, holds and conference calls in just a few clicks

Access and use company instant messaging

View calls log

Other possibilities to discover!

These can be synchronized and used with your SipleoAssist or independently.

What are the 3 main advantages of the Sipleo Mobile app?

Consult the company directory

Salespeople or other traveling staff can consult the company directory from the mobile application. This is updated with each addition, deletion or modification.

When there is a change of position or departure from the company, the transfer of client portfolios is easier.


Unified external communication

Sipleo app users display the company number (direct line or company main line) when calling someone. Employees are more confident and communication is controlled.

Your desktop on your phone with Sipleo Mobile

Even when you travel, you will find the same functionalities as at your office: put on hold, supervision of your colleagues, calls conference, etc.


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