Sipleo telephony solution,
what there is to know

What are the features of the Sipleo telephony solution? For what types of companies has this tailor-made software been designed? Is this innovative solution right for your company? We explain everything! 

Sipleo telephony solution for all companies in France and around the world!

Sipleo is a French business telephony solution developed in La Garde, in Var (83), and present in France and worldwide.

We offer offers adapted to all companies, regardless of where they are located!

Sipleo telephony solution in the overseas department

Are you located in the DOM ? Whether you are in Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Mayotte or Reunion Island, you benefit from the same support and services as companies located in mainland France !

Sipleo solution in other parts of the world

Your company is located in France and you want to expand in different parts of the world ? Sipleo accompanies you internationally and makes you benefit from telephone lines linked to the country, in which you wish to deploy.


Features of the Sipleo solution

Specifics features adapted to all your business telephony projects!

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Is the Sipleo solution adapted to my business? Yes!

Our telephony software is accessible for all professions !







Which telephony solution should I adopt for my business?

We develop a solution adapted to the needs of each company and whatever its size!

A solution accompanied by optimized applications and softwares!

Choose the application or software compatible with your telephony project :

Choose a solution that adapts to changes in your business!