Large businesses

According to a study conducted in 2015, communication is one of the key elements of success for large enterprises. In order for a company to develop and evolve in good conditions, communicating has become more than essential!

To communicate more easily and efficiently, Sipleo, a business telephony solution, offers multiple features, which adapt to your activity.

Vous souhaitez améliorer la téléphonie au sein de votre société ?

Since their creation and over time, large companies continue to evolve! Whether in terms of management, service or even communication, a company develops regularly. Is not it ?

Sipleo helps you develop your structure in a sustainable manner. To do this, our team will support you in setting up personalized and secure business telephony! An effective way to increase productivity, while using features adapted to each service.

Telephony: a communication channel for large businesses

Telephony is a communication channel that many consumers still use today to communicate with large enterprises. Some have developed it very little, which is a shame, because telephony generates many advantages:

Sipleo supports you throughout your telephone development, offering you adapted and flexible software!

Why improve your telephone system within a large company?

The image of your company


To maintain or improve your brand awareness, we advise you to pay attention to the image your company conveys when your customers try to contact you.

Your company gives the impression of being all the more professional and serious towards your consumers and/or partners, by implementing a classic telephone process (call screening, voicemail and music on hold). personalized, queue management, etc.).

As a large company, it is strongly recommended to start the call with your interlocutor with a careful welcome or music on hold.

Sipleo offers you multiple options to make your business telephony more professional.

Our software also does everything possible to make teleworking or conference calls, remotely or on site, easier!

Flexibility and cost management


Sipleo takes your needs and expectations into account! Our business telephony solution is flexible and evolves over time, at the same pace as your business.

For example, if you move into new premises or open a new company, you will be able to add new positions easily, without financing another communication system, thanks to Sipleo’s multi-site or multi-company options.

Simplify your work in the long term and entrust your business telephony to professionals and enthusiasts.



Like most technology solutions, Sipleo includes features that ensure security and protect your data.

With Sipleo, you are informed of each attack in real time, you have an overview of all intrusion attempts and you can set up automatic settings to ban certain IP addresses.

Our software allows you to secure (a little more) your business telephony, with the help of multiple features configured by Sipleo, including: blacklists, a firewall (or UTM), etc. And facilities provided, such as a VPN or MPLS.

Mobility & teleworking within your company


Sipleo is made up of a unified communications system, which allows you to reach your colleagues on their landline or mobile phone and on a single number.

A company, which brings together many employees in different departments, needs to be equipped with an efficient and optimal telephone system in order to meet everyone’s needs.

Thanks to its various features, Sipleo contributes to the development of teleworking in companies.

Sipleo’s goal is to be available throughout the day, wherever you are, for a conference with colleagues or a client meeting.

Choosing Sipleo means choosing a solution that will grow with you!

What are the Sipleo offers for large companies?


The Sipleo Cloud and Sipleo On Premise offers combine all the features to improve your business telephony. They are scalable and adapted to your activity.

The only difference between these two subscriptions is where your data is stored. With Sipleo Cloud, your data is recorded on our secure cloud located in France, whereas with Sipleo On Premise, it is stored on your servers.

Adapt your business telephony to your needs!

Questions about your telephony project? Our team will answer you.