Customer case: Hard Santé

Customer case: Hard Santé. This medical equipment store chose the Sipleo solution to obtain personalized mobile telephony!

Hard Santé, medical equipment store

Hard Santé presentation

The company H.A.R.D (Hypocrate Agence Réunionnaise de Distribution) has been supporting players in the dental sector in their daily lives for over 30 years. Located in Reunion Island, it equips the island’s dental surgeons with consumables and small peripherals.

The 2000s marked a turning point in the evolution of the company, because H.A.R.D became Hard Santé. The company now distributes the “single use”, “hygiene” and “sterilization” ranges to all professionals carrying out medical, paramedical, care or well-being activities.

It was in 2010 that Hard Santé became a pharmaceutical establishment recognized by multiple institutions.

Over the years, proximity and listening have reinforced the expectations of professionals. Hard Santé has thus integrated these qualities as pillars of its evolution.

A development that requires a new organization in terms of corporate telephony and internal communication.


Context of the customer case: Hard Santé

In recent years, the Hard Santé company has grown significantly.

Its strong growth has allowed most of its employees to choose where they work: on-premises or remotely. This change was also the trigger for renewing the company’s telephony, which was initially analog.

Analog telephony requires a different connection for each device (computer, telephone, etc.), while IP telephony gives you the possibility of connecting all your devices to a single network.

To carry out this reorganization, it was necessary to completely renew the equipment, as well as install IP telephony.

Thanks to the expertise of our team, we were able to create, for Hard Santé, a detailed plan of its needs and respond to its issues.

A telephony solution that adapts to your needs!

Specific needs


Our client, Hard Santé, was in a significant growth phase.

He therefore planned to move to new premises, so as to be able to accommodate his colleagues in a suitable setting. This development also gave the company the opportunity to change their old generation telephone system (RTC) with a more advantageous solution (on IP).

By switching to more recent business telephony (IP telephony), our client also needs adapted equipment.

In addition, the transition from their (analog) telephony to Sipleo had to be done without interruption, so as not to disrupt the work of employees.

Our telephony solution had to allow each agent to work both on site (in the premises) and remotely (traveling outside or from home).

Our client also wanted its teams to save time managing all incoming calls, with the automatic reporting of files, for example.

It is also for this functionality and the coupling of telephony with IT (CTI) that the company Hard Santé chose Sipleo!

A seamless transition & distribution of equipment

Sipleo took care of the transition between the two telephony systems (analog and IP), so that our client and his teams could work in good conditions and with suitable equipment.

This configuration was carried out without interruption. A satisfaction for the Hard Santé company, which was able to remain reachable and respond to the requests of its own customers.

During our collaboration, Sipleo provided them with equipment compatible with this new organization, such as headsets and landline telephones. Our team also took care of configuring the softphone on certain workstations, so that setting up teleworking would be easier.

Mobility still present


On Reunion Island, remote working is already very developed. Many companies give their employees the opportunity to work remotely.

In this client case, maintaining teleworking for some of their employees was essential. This is why our business telephony solution was chosen! Sipleo gives users of the same structure the possibility of teleworking or not.

Please note that Hard Santé currently has 30% of fixed positions in its premises. The rest of the computers were configured with a softphone.

Thanks to Sipleo and its many options, each company can establish remote working more easily and make its agents more mobile!

More simplified management of incoming calls

The Sipleo configuration considerably simplifies the management of calls (incoming and outgoing) for employees of the Hard Santé company.

Thanks to the coupling of our telephony solution with their EBP management software, calls are more easily handled. The automatic reporting of files gives an advantage to the company’s employees, who can view their clients’ files when answering each call.

The coupling of telephony with IT (CTI), in other words from Sipleo to your business software, allows your agents to be able to handle calls in a more pleasant way and thus be more productive.

A more efficient business and satisfied customers


The solution developed by Sipleo offers all users (business managers and employees) a better telecommunications strategy.

Sipleo supports its customers in the deployment of their IP telephony, by offering very advanced functionalities and tools (equipment, internet links), accessible from our Sipleo offers, or independently.

Thanks to these very comprehensive packs, Hard Santé was able to benefit from flexible and tailor-made software and thus improve its performance regarding the reception of telephone calls.

The handling of each contact was simplified, which generated a greater number of satisfied customers and thus made it possible to positively increase their brand image.

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