Glossary of business telephony

Business telephony vocabulary

What is a BOT? The cloud? What does the term "bandwidth" mean? The Sipleo team has brought together some definitions related to technology and telephony on the same page!

An Interactive Voice Server or otherwise called IVR, is a telephony technology allowing customers to interact with a company host system through one or more configurable voice menus. In many cases, a voice server can replace the receptionist.

A SDA in telephony means: direct selection on arrival.

In English, direct inward dialing [DID] or direct dial-in [DDI]).


In telecommunications, this technique makes it possible to directly reach an interlocutor from the outside without going through a switchboard.

It works in a PABX where each internal station can receive a direct number.

A PABX or PBX is the acronym for Private Automatic Branch EXchange. In French, a private telephone switch. It is used in businesses so that users of a telephone switchboard can communicate internally or externally via different communication channels such as analog voice or IP. A PABX also allows you to have more telephones than physical lines and allows free calls between users.

Other features…

A PABX allows additional features such as calls recording, call forwarding, voicemail, interactive voice servers (IVR) and queues.

A Centrex is an external telephone switchboard hosted by a provider.

In French, or “VoIP” for is a computer technology that transmits voice over IP compatible networks, via the Internet or private networks such as intranets or public, whether wired (ADSL/optical fiber/cable) or not ( mobile networks, satellite, Wi-Fi).

The IP address is a number used to identify each device connected to the Internet. It serves as an interface between the computer network
and all computer equipment.

An “Anycast” or “CDN Infrastructure” IP address is an IP address to which a customer’s domain name is redirected to activate the service.

Unicast IP addresses distributed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to
Regional Internet Registries (RIR). RIRs manage IPv4 and IPv6 addressing resources in their region and lend address blocks to LIRs (Local Internet Registries).
local Internet) who distribute them to end users in their country

This is a specific URL address to which a customer’s hyperlink should be redirected to allow activation of the requested service

It is a physical identifier stored in a network card or similar network interface. It is used to globally assign a unique address at the link layer

In telephony, an application is software that allows you to carry out one or more task(s) or function(s).

This is one of the French diminutives of the word “application”.

An API is a programming interface that allows you to “connect” to an application to exchange

Software in English is in French software designed to automate user activity.

It is an organization defining in particular the rules for attribution but also for the management of domain names and their evolution.

The Backend is the IP address corresponding to a client’s hosting and to which content is downloaded when a user visits a client’s site.

No, this cannot be eaten. The bay is a physical cabinet used to store servers and other IT or telecom equipment.

Nothing to do with judo. It is an operation on a private virtual server allowing you to move from configuration A to a higher configuration B of the same range. A switch to a lower configuration is not
allowed. A hot switchover can result in an immediate restart of the
virtual private server, volume of data exchanged (upload and download) between the CDN and the users of a client’s website. The volume is calculated in bytes.

A bouncer is software acting without the knowledge of a client as a proxy, therefore to which the client connects by
considering addressing a server while it simply redirects packets to a server and simply communicates the responses to it.

A virtual desktop or “Cloud Desktop” is a virtualized workstation created from hardware resources made up of one or more CPUs, RAM capacity and storage space, located on a host server, as well as
only pre-installed applications, and accessible from different platforms (computer, smartphone, etc.)
through the Cloud.

The cache is the server’s local memory.

The CDN (content delivery network) is a network of servers that cooperate to make content or data available to users via the Internet.

A txt or text field is a text box or input field.

The cloud is a technology that allows the remote use of execution and storage resources.

Source code is a set of instructions written in a high-level computer programming language, understandable by a knowledgeable human being, it allows you to obtain a program for a computer.

It is any techniques related to the physical connections of electrical connections as well as data transmissions like connectors and sockets.

A CPU is a processor, or “Central Processing Unit” in French: “the Central Processing Unit”, this component of a server which executes computer programs.

Throughput is the amount of information transmitted by a communication channel over a given time interval. The speed of an internet connection is generally expressed in kbps or kilobit per second.

Offloading is the removal of an IP address.

The diagnosis concerns specific control measures, in order to verify the technical characteristics of a problem and assess the cause and consequences.

The hard disk, in English hard disk or HD, is a magnetic digital data storage medium.

A solid state drive is a fast flash memory hard drive that has a significantly higher launch rate than a standard hard drive.

Internet Protocol version 4 or IPv4 was the first version of IP to be deployed, and forms the basis of the Internet.

The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature consists of managing the skills of your agents and qualifying incoming calls. Thanks to this method, calls will be distributed to the extension (extension, group, agent, etc.) that best meets the caller’s expectations.

This means the ‘automatic renewal’ of certain fixed-price Services or subject to durations
of commitment.

It is a type of mobile application specially developed for the Apple universe: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad etc.

Bandwidth is the transmission power of a transmission link. It calculates the amount of information (in bits/s) that can be transmitted at the same time.

Abbreviation for Robot and a semi-automatic or automatic software agent that interacts with computer servers