Become a Sipleo partner

With Sipleo, being a partner means facilitating and developing new ideas together ! To offer the best and more possibilities to our customers, we regularly seek to strengthen our technological and commercial partnerships.

What is Sipleo ?

Sipleo is a customizable, flexible french business telephony solution that boosts the productivity of many companies !

Within 30 years of experience, Sipleo has built itself alongside all the structures using our business telephony software on a daily basis.

In order to have a better grip, to improve certain functionalities and to offer ever more advanced options, our technical team works in agile mode and remains at your disposal !

A way for us to offer all users a unique experience as well as tools optimized and adapted to your needs. This system allows us to improve your comfort and productivity. 


Why become a Sipleo partner ?

Thanks to Sipleo and the coupling with your business software (CRM, ERP, messaging, etc.), you benefit from considerable advantages!

The market changes daily. The need to have a technology that links its business telephony to its business software is becoming almost essential for all companies.


Become a Sipleo partner : 4 existing profiles at Sipleo !

Technology and business partners

The prescriber

The prescriber will recommend our business telephony solution to other structures.

This will facilitate the process of selling the business telephony solution. It proposes a common offer and will provide its support.

If you are a digital player, you can become a prescriber.


Business partners


The business facilitator

He is the first interlocutor, he will submit and/or present our telephony solution to his contact.

Beyond putting Sipleo in contact with his contact, he has an essential role in facilitating the relationship between the parties, so that they can finalize the sale in the best conditions and obtain the full satisfaction of the user.

Before making the connection, he will get closer to our team and provide us with the information necessary for a good understanding of the file: who he is, how he is, his profile, etc. These indications will allow our employees to identify the customer’s expectations and to have an appropriate approach during the appointment.

The distributor

He buys the business telephony solution. Then he resells it to the end customer. He is in charge of the billing.

The reseller will be responsible for making basic changes (level 1) to its customers’ telephony solution and taking all requests to send them to the Sipleo technical team (levels 2 and 3).

He may become an integrator, once the transfer of skills has been carried out by the Sipleo team.


The integrator

He will take full care of the client. This is responsible for assessing needs and configuring the business telephony solution on all workstations. Nevertheless, the Sipleo team remains at the disposal of our partners for specific needs.

The integrator manages levels 1 and 2 (basic and technical). He is dedicated to customer support and possible level 3 (expertise) requests, where he will take care of technical assistance. Specific requests can be sent to the Sipleo technical team for improvements, optimizations, modifications or issues outside their area of ​​expertise.

Integrator status brings the highest level of income!

#Become a Sipleo partner

Advantages of our collaboration !

For you

For your customers

Main functionalities on Sipleo

Our business telephony solution develops, for many users, multiple features ! Sipleo also provides you with internet links (ADSL, VDSL, SDSL and fiber) and a one-stop shop to meet all your needs (if necessary), in order to offer you an ever more complete package.

The main options found on Sipleo concern : 

Optimized telephone reception

Improving collaborative work

The productivity gain

The implementation of monitoring

Computer-telephony integration (CTI)

Reinforced security for your telephony

The development of mobility and teleworking

Numbers in France and abroad is issue

These technology partners benefit from our solution, why not you ?

Become a Sipleo partner !

Do you want to become our partner ? Would you like more information about a possible partnership ? Contact our team or fill out this form !

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