Become a distributor of the Sipleo solution

Become a distributor of the Sipleo telephony solution. Complete and professional training. The training is open to everyone.

Are you installing telephone switchboards? Are you an ESN?

Is your goal to strategically meet the needs of your customers? SDI, publisher of the Sipleo solution, designed this IPBX with the installer in mind.

Indeed, with extensive experience as a telephone installer, the specifications take into account all the requests that customers have made over the years. So the spectrum of functions allows you to listen to the customer and know that a positive response is possible! How many times, during interviews with potential customers, have you been unable to easily respond to the request? Because by becoming resellers of the Sipleo business telephony solution, it’s over!

You control your customer base, they are confident in your structure! So why not capitalize on them by expanding your services?

With the Sipleo telephone switchboard solution, you offer them the assurance of providing new useful and ergonomic functions. In addition, thanks to ToIP (telephony over IP), you will discuss known subjects such as networks, servers, VPNs, etc. Don’t hesitate, IP telephony is no longer a taboo for you!

Become a Sipleo hosted IPBX distributor! Thus, we will provide you with all the assistance, training and support for the success of all our joint projects (IT support to all private installers who request it and technical support regarding telephony to all data partners).

The Sipleo team offers training in IP telephony and discovery of our Sipleo IP telephone switchboard.

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Become a Sipleo distributor

We help you answer these questions and many others in order to best prepare yourself for the resale of Sipleo in cloud mode. Customer case studies, setting up workshops, commercial approaches… the training is open to everyone. However, knowledge of IP and good customer listening skills are nevertheless required.


At the end of the level 1 program, you will know how to install in cloud mode and simple commissioning of the Sipleo solution. This means that this training will allow your customers to adapt and professionalize their business telephone reception.

What you will learn in training for the Sipleo telephony solution

Meet needs

Answer questions