Ban IP adresses

Ban IP addresses to secure your business telephony and thus avoid the risk of hacking. With Sipleo it’s possible!

An IP address in a few words

An IP address is, in a way, a public identification number that will allow you to communicate across the internet.

Why ban IP addresses on your Sipleo interface and in what situations?

On Sipleo, you can ban an IP address to protect your telephone lines. Regardless of the type of business you run, you may be faced with intrusion attempts.

To help you manage these different attacks, Sipleo has developed some options. Some concern the possibility of blocking (temporarily or not) one or more IP addresses.

This works if the number of login attempts is high. If in doubt and depending on the situation, you can also interrupt communication on all telephone lines.

Your business may be faced with lots of different situations to which Sipleo will be able to react quickly. Here are some examples.

Ban IP addresses that are too intrusive

On Sipleo, the attack list, accessible from your administrator interface, lists all the IP addresses that attempted to connect to your server. On this list, it is possible to find “harmless” or “threatening” addresses.

“Harmless” addresses make a few attempts to connect (no more than 5).

Whereas “threaters” can make many attempts in a short time.

This is when you can decide to ban addresses that are too intrusive.


For example: if your employee forgets their password and tries to log in twice, this will not have the same impact as a hacker. In fact, the hacker will try to connect, making around a hundred attempts.

Ban IP addresses automatically

From your Sipleo administrator area, you can configure the automatic banning of IP addresses. This configuration is established based on certain data, such as: the maximum number of attempts, the duration of the ban or the duration of the attack.

For example: if the intrusion attempts are very numerous and you want to configure the automatic banning of IP addresses, you can set up this configuration via your administrator interface.

You can configure several possible combinations at the same time, to hit as many attacks as possible. You can block for one hour an address that has attempted to connect to your space twice in just two minutes. Or to ban an address for 365 days that tried to connect hundreds of times in just three minutes.

Ban IP addresses manually

As indicated just above, Sipleo allows you to set a ban automatically based on certain data.

However, you can also ban IP addresses manually. When an IP address regularly appears in your attack list, you can block it indefinitely. You can, of course, reconsider your decision a little later and cancel the action carried out on one or more IP addresses.


Before banning an IP address, it is preferable to have security warnings, to then view all intrusion attempts on your attack list.

Thanks to the list of attacks, you keep control of all the IP addresses that you have decided to ban. You can leave them or unblock them at any time.

What are the benefits of banning IP addresses?

Banning IP addresses is a feature present on Sipleo, which allows you to secure all of your business telephony and thus avoid the risk of hacking.

The main objective of hackers is to break into your telephone system and make as many calls as they want to overseas or premium rate numbers.

Sipleo is there to block all intrusion attempts and help you protect your communications.

Secure your telephony differently


In addition to banning IP addresses, you can secure your business telephony using other features, such as: security warnings or attacks list.

Protect your telephony!

Need help setting up your first automatic IP address ban?