Use case: improve customer satisfaction

It is important to offer quality customer service to improve your brand image and continue to build loyalty! This is why every company must improve customer satisfaction.

Use cases to improve customer satisfaction

In this example, we don't have a specific company name to give. We will therefore name the company in question Company A.

At Company A, customer satisfaction is important. Especially since it is partly thanks to this that customers become loyal, the company’s image improves and its reputation increases.

This is why call recording is also essential in this use case.

🔍 The use case

Company A is a local company that sells computer equipment (computer, telephone, tablet, mouse, headsets, etc.). The latter has dedicated an entire technical support service, in order to support customers during the configuration or use of the equipment after purchase in store.

The customer satisfaction rating for this store was quite low. Following the completion of a marketing audit, the company identified this service and decided to raise the customer satisfaction rating to improve the image of their company, attract new customers and retain existing ones.

For this, Company A has decided to implement call recording within this service. This new process will allow them to evaluate the quality of their support, take stock of areas for improvement and best encourage their teams.

Of all the recorded calls, some will be listened to in order to identify the positive and negative points. In addition to that, the person in charge of listening will provide detailed feedback to the department concerned, so that the latter can put in place quality services and obtain high customer satisfaction.

💡 Compliance with regulations

To implement this strategy, Company A will set up call recording. In order for the latter to comply with regulations, the company will have to inform both its employees and its customers.

Company A must inform agents that all conversations are recorded. She must also keep them informed of each registration period and individual feedback.

On the customer side, the company’s mission is to inform them that all telephone exchanges are recorded, to provide them with the reason and to give them the opportunity to accept or decline. All of this should be done at the start of the call.

⏳Conservation of wiretapping

The retention of recordings of telephone calls should not exceed 6 months, as a general rule.

Under certain conditions, it is possible that the duration is longer than 6 months. However, this must be justified either by a text imposing a specific deadline, or in a precise manner.


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