Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Advantages, installation, use... Why implement Automatic Call Distribution within your structure? And how does it work?

ACD in a few words

The ACD manages the skills of your employees and the rules for incoming calls.

This innovative technology offers a real experience to your customer, who will be redirected directly to the right person, without having to have an intermediary.

How does automatic call distribution (ACD) work?

For every business, it is important not to lose or miss any calls. This is why Sipleo helps you receive as many incoming calls as possible and as quickly as possible.

The ACD option is more reactive than a human.

This will allow your telephone software to route calls:


These two possibilities will direct the caller to a pre-hooked, an answering machine, a voicemail box or even an interactive voice server.

By assigning criteria to each extension, incoming calls are routed intelligently.

This configuration optimizes your telephone reception and improves the management of the calls you receive. This saves your teams considerable time and makes them more productive.

How to configure automatic call distribution (ACD) on Sipleo?

First step

Before starting to configure the ACD, it is important to place your employees in different groups (communication, customer, legal, administrative services, etc.).
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Second step

Your teammates thus join a functional entity, they have distinct individual skills, but they can also be part of several groups depending on their skills.

For example: Mr. Dupont, computer technician, is a Microsoft specialist and also speaks Italian. He will thus be able to be part of the “IT technician”, “Microsoft product specialist” and “Italian-speaking employees” groups

Third step

After creating groups and distributing each employee, incoming calls must be qualified to better guide the call.

This functionality is based on:
• The customer number (number coming from a specific region or abroad)
• The call number dialed by the customer to be redirected to a specific service

3 good reasons to call on the ACD to improve your business telephony

Optimize your employees' working time

Direct your contacts to a group, a position or an agent, taking into account their skills, availability, etc. And reduce wasted time and intermediaries.

Balance the use of telephone lines

Distribute the capabilities of those responsible for receiving calls. Waiting time and the risk of missing an important request are thus reduced!

Manage incoming call overflow

If the employee to whom the call was sent is ultimately busy, a second person will be chosen to answer the customer.

Choose a solution that adapts to changes in your business!

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