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What is Sipleo ?

Sipleo offers a telephone switchboard solution adapted to any type of business and bringing productivity, performance, simplicity and professionalism.
Our ultra adaptable solution allows the management of a few posts to several thousand. In addition, it adapts to any type of termination (analog, digital, SIP …).
Your company is constantly evolving, your switchboard must adapt to these changes (number of posts, new site …). The Sipleo solution is very easy to use and easily maintained.
Updates, maintenance and outsourcing are included in Sipleo’s offerings, whether on-site or in the cloud.

"Telephony management requires experience and expertise, do not hesitate to tell us about your needs!"

What can Sipleo bring you?

4 reasons to choose Sipleo

By adapting your telephone reception with the IPBX Sipleo, you reassure your client (by giving him the opening hours for example), you are interested (by the diffusion of an announcement putting forward promotions …), you consider (wish a happy new year or a good appetite by adapting your email ad …). In a nutshell, the features of the Sipleo IP telephone switch allow you to professionalize your telephone reception!

All the features of the Sipleo solution have been designed to save the user time by simplifying all or part of the telephony tasks. The conference calls are set up in a few clicks without additional cost, the sending of SMS can be automated, the coupling to your CRM saves several seconds per call …. Productivity is at the heart of Sipleo.

Because of its modularity and simplicity of configuration, Sipleo is a tool adapted to “complex” cases, “5-legged sheep”.
A team of experienced and experienced developers, located in France, strives to maintain and improve the solution every day.
We can adapt to your problems and, for example, develop modules or couplings according to the needs you express.

Automatically returning the customer card when launching or receiving a call, the employee responsible for answering the phone (physical or softphone) wins in time and efficiency.
He recognizes his correspondent directly and can quickly update his situation (order in progress, unpaid invoice …). Make telephony a real source of profits.

Need an IVR ?

Sipleo integrates a multi-level and multi-language voice server into its solution!

Specialist of

CTI to your CRM !

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Sipleo Cloud

Cloud telephony is about hosting your IPBX in a data center. Your telephony solution is no longer on site This means that you no longer have a telephone switchboard materialized in your company.
However, you access the functionality of your IPBX remotely and securely (in the cloud).
With Sipleo Cloud, access to the features of the IPBX Sipleo is considered a service for which you pay a subscription.
Sipleo Cloud is a modular offer that adapts to your professional needs. Like Sipleo’s box-based offering, the Sipleo Cloud telephony offering adapts to multi-site configurations and facilitates mobility.

Professionalize your telephone reception with tools such as the interactive voice server, waiting music…

Office telephones, DECT, doormen … the positions you need are provided. There is no need to buy them.

Internet access is included in the Sipleo offer. SDSL, fiber … Sipleo is also a telecom operator.

Enjoy unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France.

The equipment and service are guaranteed. Maintenance and outsourcing are included in the offer

Protect your network and your voice and data communications with VPN and firewall.

Need mobility ?

Sipleo is also on mobile. Check out our IPBX app available on iOs and Android.

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