• Secure your

    company telephony !

    Through his offers and various functionalities, Sipleo help you to protect your telephone lines.

    Blacklists, firewall, IP addresses automatic ban... Everything is etablished to protect your company telephony ! 

  • Boost your

    company's performance

    Sipleo is the Ip telephony solution for companies.

    Thanks to Sipleo, ramp up and grow up your telephony at the same time as your company. 

  • Improve your

    customer service !

    From this day on, optimise your customer service thanks to your company telephony. 

  • Develop within your company

    The mobility & the remote working

    La solution de téléphonie Sipleo est agile et s'adapte à votre quotidien. 

    C'est la raison pour laquelle, grâce à Sipleo vous profitez des avantages de votre téléphonie d'entreprise à la maison ou en mobilité.

    Sipleo, at the heart of your company telephony

    Sipleo, the company telephony solution, that is  arout 13 years serve companies. 

    We develop Sipleo internally. That is why we have the control at 100% on our solution.  

    We work agilely and iteratively, to develop our solution according to your needs and with still more functionalities. 

    Our solution might be entirely customisable and pair up with others softwares (CRM, ERP, messaging service…).

    Our objective is to bring a real added value to your company. Sipleo getting used to all your requests and can progress at the same time as your company.

    Don’t freeze you with telephony solution which doesn’t adapt her offers to your company’s changes !

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    3 offers to ramp up with Sipleo

    Sipleo Access

    Sipleo Cloud

    Sipleo On premise

    Equipments that you need !

    Sipleo propose you several ranges of  headphones from Jabra brand and landlines from Yealink brand. 

    Choose equipments according to worker’s habits and jobs (mobility, remote working, salespeople, switchboard operators…).  

    Functionalities adapted to your telephony

    More productivity and best mobility, staying secure ! 

    Sipleo offers several functionalities

    Together, they bring to you to security and agility that you need, improve your productivity and customer service.

    We are proud to be a human company and we guide you to understand better company’s telephony changes and her challenges.  

    We help to you with giving best practices to implement.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need recommandations. You can read our articles too ! 

    Our customers

    Thanks to Sipleo, they have discover a new way to manage their company's telephony, why don't you ? 

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