How can AI revolutionise your business telephony?

In 2023, artificial intelligence will disrupt many sectors in France and around the world. Education, IT, health, finance and even telecoms… Not a single field of activity is spared!

Initially, AI was an information search tool accessible via OpenAI’s chatGPT, then Google Bard, BingChat, etc.

Today, using AI is a chance to improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction, whatever your field of activity.

In this article, we will address two important points to help you understand how artificial intelligence can revolutionise your business telephony and your daily uses.

To what extent can AI revolutionise your business telephony?

Thanks to artificial intelligence, many possibilities in terms of personalization and automation can emerge in a few years. This is what it may be possible to do in terms of business telephony, thanks to AI!

Tasks automation

AI can help you automate many tasks, such as call management, appointment scheduling and customer follow-up. This can relieve your employees of certain missions, so that they can concentrate on more important points.

Improved call quality

Here, artificial intelligence can be used to improve call quality, by identifying/removing background noise, correcting voice clarity and translating calls into multiple languages ​​(for example).

Personalizing the customer experience

This new technology can be used to personalize the customer experience, by identifying customers, providing them with personalized information and recommending relevant products or services.

Issues resolution

AI can also be used to solve problems more effectively, by quickly identifying the causes of problems and proposing suitable solutions.

Sipleo offers new options developed with AI in its telecoms offers

For several months, our technical teams have been working tirelessly on optimizing new AI-related features. These are accessible from all our telephone offers, but only available as an option.

What features are affected by these latest optimizations? Let’s see that right away!

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with AI

The first improvements are based around Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), in other words Automatic Speech Recognition (RAP). Once our IPBX has been updated, Sipleo’s voice recognition will be able to transcribe verbatim the voice messages left by your customers and forward them by email or SMS. In addition to that, the transcription can also be consulted on SipleoAssist, the Sipleo web page as well as in the next SipleoMobile update (IOS, Android or Web).

In future versions of Sipleo, it will also be possible to transcribe conversations verbatim!


Text-To-Speech (TTS) with AI

The second important point concerns the improvement of Text-To-Speech (TTS), in other words the conversion of a text message into a voice message.

Since its beginnings, Sipleo has included a local and present speech synthesis engine.

In recent months, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, great advances have been made regarding these subjects. Indeed, it is now possible to use AI services to obtain a more “human” rendering. In addition to that, customization possibilities are available: choice of voice and languages.

These new features are already available. For those who have our IP telephony solution and have chosen these options, consider updating quickly.

You are not a Sipleo customer, but you are very interested in these options to improve the productivity of your employees and make your company more competitive? Contact our team by email, telephone or via social networks!

Do you have questions about our VoIP telephony solution? Contact our team without further delay!

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