The multisite

Features, advantages, pooling, installation, use... The multisite: a strategic functionality of the IPBX Sipleo.

The multisite with Sipleo: what is it?

More flexibility, more mobility with multisite!

Multisite is a fairly common business format in France.

Indeed, your company can have its headquarters in a city, for example in Lyon, and have several sites/premises throughout the national territory (Strasbourg, Nice, Marseille, Lille, etc.) or international (Belgium, Italy, Norway). 

Today, the solutions offered in telephony must be scalable and integrate the mobility and flexibility sought by businesses.

Self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses or even large businesses; although different, these companies may be required to sell varied products, services or concepts, while managing teams located in remote locations.

Thus, our solution gives you access to the pooling of your lines, the creation and personalization of a differentiated telephone reception, depending on the line called.

The pooling

Pooling therefore gives you the possibility of:


Your business moves and evolves, and so does telephony! Sipleo regularly integrates new features according to the needs of your company.

What are the advantages of multisite with Sipleo?

Sipleo adapts to each company and makes multisite much more accessible with:

Standardized and consistent external communication

Your customers can reach your business via a single phone number, even with multiple locations. They listen to a standardized telephone greeting before being directed to the right line or site.

Pooling of costs

A tailor-made telephony solution for all your sites: stores, headquarters, warehouses, etc. Useful and optimized communication channels.

Facilitated internal communication

Thanks to Sipleo, you have the possibility of having a common directory for all sites, an internal messaging system and the use of a supervision tool for workstations on all sites.

Are you multi-entity?

Sipleo helps you manage the telephony of all of your entities on the same landlines in your office.

For example: Tom is the head of a car dealership and, on top of that, he manages a garage. The entities are located at the same address and some agents work for both structures. These, however, have a different number. When a customer contacts the car garage, the secretary’s phone starts ringing. If another customer calls the dealership, the call is directed to the same person.

Sipleo supports you internationally

Our business telephony solution also takes care of your sites abroad! (See the conditions in force in the desired country).

Develop your telephony on all your sites!

Need to configure multisite on your Sipleo?