Sipleo accompanies you internationally !

Déployez votre entreprise à l’international avec Sipleo !

Telephones lines linked to France or other regions of the world

Thanks to Sipleo, you have the possibility to take phone lines adapted to your needs ! This opportunity will allow you to improve your competitiveness !

With its status as a telecom operator, Sipleo can create telephone lines for you in France (including DOM) or in other regions of the world (North and South America, Asia, Europe, etc.).  


A more representative brand image

When a business grows, it may expand to other foreign countries. So that this deployment is not a hindrance, Sipleo creates for your company numbers associated with the countries in which your customers are located or in which you want to set up !

Thanks to this, your company optimizes its brand image, opens up to new markets and expands its catchment area !

A wider catchment area

A company that has a direct line in the countries where it is located or where its customers are located, it is a company that makes its image more valuable. 

In addition to improving your image, you increase your customer base, because your catchment area is wider! 

Having one or more foreign phone lines has more impact and tends to reassure your customers. 


Sipleo also supports you internationally!*

As a global telecom operator, Sipleo Telecom allows you to expand your business and its possibilities in Europe and other regions of the world.

*Subject to respecting the local and legal constraints of each country.

Advantages of Sipleo's international support!

Multi-site management

Sipleo is perfectly suited to an international environment, as it can implement both multi-site and multilingual functionalities.

Creation of international numbers

As an operator, Sipleo can provide your company with international phone numbers.

Management of your international telephony

You can centralize or decentralize the management of your business telephony with Sipleo.

Benefits for your company

By owning telephone lines linked to the countries in which you operate, you generate many profits for your company ! Optimization of your image, positive impact for your customers, increase of your competitiveness, wider clientele... And much more !

Implementation of remote working and Nomad Friendly

You can easily manage your teams remotely with Sipleo. Ideal for remote workers or nomads who want to work wherever they are.

I want to be accompanied by Sipleo !

Is your business growing ? Our business telephony solution supports you in your projects abroad !

Questions about the internationalization of your telephony ? Our team will answer you !