Advantages of ADSL

ADSL stands for “Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line”.

Sipleo offers you the best solution for your business and its location. ADSL lines are less expensive and may be suitable for self-employed businesses or small businesses (SMEs) with simple, limited needs for Internet access and use (email, chat software, project management, CRM, etc.).

When subscribing to this type of line, your company should expect that the speed will not be optimal and that the links will not have a Guaranteed Restoration Time (GRT).

It should be noted that to get a decent speed, an ADSL link can be used for small structures (2-3 people) or for companies requiring little connection to the Internet.


VDSL advantages

The term VDSL stands for Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Suscriber Line.

It is a more recent, higher-performance version of ADSL. It also offers faster connections.

VDSL guarantees excellent speed for both outgoing and incoming data. This may be necessary if you run a website, an online shop or need to respond very quickly to customers.

Another advantage of VDSL is its cost. Like ADSL, VDSL is low-cost because it requires no new installation.

SDSL advantages

The term SDSL comes from “Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line”.

A line based on reliable access with a symmetrical speed (equal incoming and outgoing speeds). It offers rapid data exchanges thanks to instant access to the network.

SDSL considerably improves your network exchanges (communications, professional messaging, videoconferencing, back-ups, file sharing in the cloud, etc.). It saves your employees time and increases their productivity.

SDSL offers are compatible with business telecoms habits and practices. They are perfectly suited to the needs of professionals.

Unlike ADSL, SDSL links have a guaranteed recovery time.

For companies whose network use is simple and who choose ADSL access, it is always possible to switch easily to SDSL if needs change.


Why subscribe to SDSL high-speed packages rather than ADSL?

High-speed access, such as SDSL, increases your company’s communication capacity. Fast file transfer, data back-up with reduced turnaround times, optimal operation of business software… All this is possible with broadband networks (SDSL, fibre…), offered by Sipleo Télécoms.

The benefits of high-speed for your business

ADSL, VDSL or SDSL: which to choose?

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