Automatic customer file display

The automatic customer file display is a major asset for your company. Are you aware of this? If not, take a look at this web page!

What is automatic customer file display?

In the telephony sector, customer file increase is an option, which allows agents to automatically access the customer file of their interlocutors, when initiating or receiving a call. This is possible thanks to the connection between their telephony solution and their business software.

This option allows your agents to quickly consult information concerning your customers (purchase or exchange history, medical or banking file, etc.).

How does it work?

This tool works thanks to the Coupling of Telephony and IT (CTI). In fact, it connects your telephone sets or your company PCs to your business software.

For this process to be implemented, the business telephony solution must be linked to your business software (CRM, ERP or other professional software, etc.).

Once the two tools are linked, your agents will be able to receive and initiate calls with complete peace of mind.


What are advantages?

For your employees

This feature is a considerable time and productivity saver for your employees.
During their first calls or after some time of experience, your agents may be panicked or stressed at the idea of ​​managing both the caller (mood and attitude) and the search for the customer file.

For your customers

In addition, the reporting of files is also advantageous for your customers. In fact, they will not have to be too impatient before your colleagues consult their files.
This is why automating the reporting of customer files speeds up the processing of the call and saves your customers from even longer waiting times.

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