Business: how can you reduce your telecoms bill?

In this article, discover some tips and best practices you can implement to reduce your telecoms bill.

Every year, the cost of telecoms subscriptions, mobile packages and hardware increases…

Companies have to deal with these often unforeseen increases and find solutions to reduce costs. Not to mention, of course, the additional costs associated with their business!

So in these complicated times, is it possible to reduce your business telephony costs?

It is! We explain everything in this article.

Reduce your telecom bill by switching to more modern technology

IP has revolutionised the IT and especially the telecoms market.

Changing the telephone system in a few lines...

Previously, the technology used for business telephony was the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Over time, the copper network gave way to a new technology: IP.

Today, the Numéris network is no longer on the market, and the switch to IP has become compulsory for all businesses. In fact, all businesses will have to use an IP telephony system by 2030. As for the PSTN, it has begun to be deconstructed by plate in 2022 and will continue until 2030.


Beyond the PSTN, what are the advantages of switching to IP for your company?

IP advantages

Given its rapid growth and all its advantages, many companies have taken the plunge. However, many companies are still equipped with the ISDN system.

This is a mistake, mainly in terms of cost, but also in terms of use. In fact, business telephony over IP offers many more advantages than ISDN, and also allows you to reduce the cost of your bill.

I’ll tell you more, just below.

No investment and a single cost

With IP, all exchanges go through the Internet. You therefore have no expenses to plan for the purchase of telephone hardware, software or installations.

Only the subscription, of a fixed amount, and possibly the purchase of headsets need to be taken into account.

More controlled expenses

IP allows you to better manage your expenses. At the end of the month, the amount to pay is not calculated based on your number of calls, but is based on a fixed subscription. A way for you to control your costs and be more competitive in the long term.

More mobility

Another advantage of IP: mobility. Thanks to it, you are no longer directly linked to a physical access point in your company. You can make and receive calls, regardless of where you are.

Possible coupling with your professional tool

Thanks to IP, you can couple your telephony solution to your professional tool (CRM, ERP) and benefit from new other functionalities (automatic file retrieval, IVR, pre-answer, call recording, etc.).

Reduce your telecoms bill by taking stock of your company, your internal organization, your current needs and your future developments… This is what we advise you to do today!

(Do you want to reduce your telecoms bill, change operator or simply obtain new essential daily features? Request a quote.)

Some examples of telecoms needs

It is interesting to regularly check your telephony solution to see if it is still suitable. An internal audit will allow you to establish a list of your immediate needs taking into account: the internal organization, the different services/businesses, multi-site, material needs and future developments.

To better understand the different needs that your company may have, let’s take the example of 3 different professions. A salesperson will not have the same needs as an executive assistant or a secretary.

Salesperson or traveling seller

The salesperson is on the move very regularly. To be able to be reachable and make calls while traveling, a DECT will be of no use.

In his case, the ideal is to install, on his phone, an application linked to the IP solution used in his company. The latter offers him the same possibilities of use as at his office. In addition to that, it allows access to the synchronized company directory and other features.


The executive assistant works in an office and is less busy on the phone than the salesperson, for example. She doesn’t travel and doesn’t interact much by phone. A virtual telephone assistant and a fixed station on your desk will be perfect for your job and your daily life.


As for the secretary, she carries out quite varied tasks on a daily basis. She takes care of the physical reception of customers as well as incoming calls for appointments or requests for information. She is contacted both by telephone and in person. Thus, to improve her comfort, the secretary can work with a virtual telephone assistant linked to the telephony solution used internally. This system is adapted to his environment and will allow him to be more comfortable during his various exchanges.

Sipleo, an advantageous and tailor-made IP telephony solution

Sipleo is an advantageous, flexible IP telephony solution that meets all your needs.

Unlike the RTC system, our IP telephony solution allows you to benefit from offers, functionalities and tools essential on a daily basis. Thanks to Sipleo, you can reduce the costs of your telecom bill and make your company more competitive.

With more than 30 years of expertise serving many companies, Sipleo supports you in all your telecoms projects.

Our team is the own publisher of the telephony solution. Thus, all security data and the creation of new features are managed internally.

In addition, in all Sipleo telephony offers, you automatically benefit from all security features: attack list, IP address ban, attack warning, security warning, blacklists, filter on IP addresses and firewall .

Our team also respects SIPS protocols so that your telecommunications are encrypted and therefore more secure.

To find out more about this, contact Sipleo Télécom on 04 94 08 65 45 or via our online contact form.

Do you have questions about our VoIP telephony solution? Contact our team without further delay!

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