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If you have come this far, it is because you have surely asked yourself the same question as all business leaders: what means can I put in place to improve the performance of my company?

At Sipleo, we know that business telephony is one of the efficiency levers! So why use Sipleo and how to improve performance today?

We explain it to you here!

How to save your employees time using the telephone?


The Sipleo business telephony solution helps increase the performance of your employees, thanks to its numerous features and options.

Among these features, we find:

It is even possible to configure your softphone or SIP equipment with a webcam to make video calls!

These multiple options allow you to save precious time on the duration and processing of your phone calls.

Sipleo features that improve the performance of your communications!

Features offered by Sipleo are numerous and very advanced!

Find the categories corresponding to the different options offered when you subscribe to a Sipleo offer.







3 Sipleo offers to help you gain in performance!

Sipleo Access offer

Sipleo Cloud offer

Sipleo On Premise offer

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