Filtering and routing incoming calls

Filtering and routing incoming calls on Sipleo:
what does it involve?

Sipleo gives you the ability to filter all your incoming calls by defining specific rules.


On Sipleo, from the administrator interface, we integrate a certain number of variables (redirection of department numbers, services to contact, etc.), established according to your objective and the internal organization of your company.

This setting allows future calls to be filtered, sorted, then routed efficiently to the right people or appropriate services.



This process is a considerable advantage for your customers and employees.

On the one hand, this filtering simplifies the user journey, because the caller is redirected directly to the service adapted to their request. This feature also enhances your customers’ experience during a transaction with your company. Your interlocutor therefore has the impression of having privileged treatment with certain members of your company and that is very positive!

On the other hand, it is a significant gain in time and productivity for your employees. Predefined filtering rules assign calls to the right departments, which will be able to process requests in an optimal time frame.

What filters should be established on Sipleo to sort incoming calls?

The types of filters may vary depending on your needs, but also the type of company you manage. Here’s a list of examples to give you an idea of ​​the types of filters you can apply when you receive calls. The possibilities are numerous!

Ask the caller to enter their telephone number, if they are calling with a hidden number.

Redirect an unknown company number to the telephone switchboard reception.

Identify the number assigned to a caller and redirect them to the sales representative or the person in charge of their file, thanks to the coupling of Sipleo with your business software (CTI).

Redirect a number with a specific department to a specific service, by coupling your business software to the Sipleo IPBX.

Do you need to apply specific filters to your incoming calls? Our innovative solution helps you make your company’s telephony easier to manage!


Optimize incoming call management

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