The softphone tool: an asset for your company

A large number of companies have chosen to dematerialize the fixed telephone switchboards, offered by IP telephony, for several reasons: to allow employees to work from home in the same way as in the office and to facilitate internal and external exchanges .

The tool, present in most VoIP telephony solutions and able to do without a fixed switchboard, is the softphone. This has literally transformed many computers into telephones.

But then why use the softphone in business? Aside from mobility, what are its other benefits?

We tell you more in our blog post.

What is a softphone?

First of all, you should know that the softphone is a virtual phone. It is both dematerialized and has a real phone number.

Thanks to it, you have the possibility of launching your calls from a computer or a mobile phone, via the Internet. When you make calls, your communications are sent in packet data. In fact, the principle is the same as for emails or downloads.

In addition, this tool works through a web application, which is associated with an IP telephony solution, such as Sipleo. With the softphone, you can also have a fixed or mobile line with a national or international number. It just depends on your business and your goals.

In summary, the softphone replaces traditional telephone switchboards on IP and gives you better mobility and flexibility.

But the benefits don’t stop there!

So that your employees can work in good conditions and meet the needs of each interlocutor, prefer audio headsets and microphones! How to choose ? To better understand the importance of this essential tool and help you make a choice, I invite you to read the article “Fixed telephony: how to choose the right telephone equipment?“.


The softphone and its advantages for your company

Today, this tool is increasingly used in companies, because it improves the mobility of your employees and is easily integrated into new work habits.

However, the benefits of this revolutionary tool for companies do not stop there. Whatever the size of your business, the softphone is a real asset. And that’s why!

Thanks to this dematerialized tool, you no longer need physical equipment (except headphones and microphone), to renew your equipment or to maintain it. And this represents an economic benefit and time savings in terms of logistics, which are not negligible.

As a telephone operator, Sipleo offers you lower costs than traditional telephone lines.

Installing the softphone is very easy. It’s as simple as installing software or a mobile app.

Our softphone is a tool that is extremely quick to learn, whatever the level of mastery of the software. The interface of our softphone is intuitive, clear and displays only the essential elements. It is designed so that each user can master the calls and all the features in a few minutes.

As explained above, the softphone is a considerable asset for corporate mobility. Since the telephone lines are dematerialized, your employees can work from any location and move around without constraint.

At the office, at home, on the move, via wifi, 4G (5G), from a computer, tablet or mobile phone, the softphone allows you to remain reachable at all times, while guaranteeing very good quality of calls made.

Eh yes ! The softphone also improves the daily missions of your employees, as they also benefit from certain options provided by the VoIP telephony solution, such as:

• Click to Call (Click to Talk/Click to Dial). Regardless of how this functionality is called, the principle remains the same: launch a call by clicking directly on the number or contact present on your business tool, web page or other interface.

• Call handling. Better call qualification and faster note taking thanks to computer-telephony integration (CTI).

• Call recording. Possibility to listen to an exchange again, to transmit information to a service or to improve the training of your employees.

Depending on the line of business (customer service, call center, etc.), our VoIP telephony solution and softphone provide better uptime for customers. Indeed, thanks to better management and redirection of incoming calls, the customer experience is successful!

Our softphone can be easily connected to your company’s CRM, ERP or other business tools. This feature gives your employees the possibility of making direct calls via the company’s management software.

The softphone, an essential tool

Today, the softphone is a very advantageous tool for companies, whether in terms of cost, handling, productivity or functionality. Thanks to it, a new form of mobility is possible. Your employees can move around while remaining reachable and that’s a real opportunity!

Our VoIP telephony solution and our softphone are tools that facilitate the daily tasks of your employees. Simple and intuitive, they adapt to all types of companies, whatever the sector of activity.

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