Fixed telephony | How to choose your telephone equipment ?

Wired. Wireless. Binaural. Noise reducer… What kind of audio equipment do you need for your business?


The choice can be complicated when you do not know anything about it! Especially if you are a business owner and your employees hold very different positions! 


Laura, at the reception, is both in contact with the physical clientele and on the phone to make appointments.

Michel, in the sales department, is very regularly on the phone in contact with customers.

Damien, from technical follow-up in a call center, spends his day on the phone to take care of customer requests.


As we can see, the type of helmet will vary depending on the job, but especially the environment of your employees!

But then how much to choose your telephone equipment?


Sipleo, IP telephony solution, gives you some tips to find the audio equipment you need.

Analyze your environment and those of your employees

Yes. The environment plays a crucial role in choosing your phone equipment !

As we have seen above, the jobs that Laura, Michel and Damien carry out are very specific and require different needs.

Whether you are in regular contact with your customers, in offices, at the reception, in a call center or on the move, you must always be well equipped !

Working with the right equipment will allow your employees to be more efficient in their missions and especially to be more comfortable on a daily basis ! 

What type of helmet do you need for your business ? This is what we will see together below !

Types of helmet to choose according to your environment

How to choose your telephone equipment for a secretariat ?

Secretaries play an important role, whether in the medical, legal, banking, real estate fields…

Every day, they are mainly required to physically welcome customers, but also to answer the phone to make appointments or answer questions.

Since they have to manage both exchanges with customers and phone calls, in addition to their other missions, we recommend a headset or headset:


How to choose the right telephone equipment for a call center ?

Teleoperators, teleconsultants and telemarketers spend a large part of their day on the phone.

To make their work more pleasant and their answers more effective, they also need good audio equipment.

Since they are not in contact with any physical person and are mostly talking on the phone, we recommend a headset :

How to choose the right telephone equipment for agents in the field ?

Sales people, real estate agents, door-to-door sales people spend most of their time away from the office. They travel many miles and must be reachable at all times for their customers as well as for their colleagues.

To facilitate and simplify this regular call taking, we recommend a Bluetooth headset, offering :


There are obviously many other environments that we cannot explore in this article, but we would be delighted to discuss with you.

So if your business is not on the list, don’t panic ! If you have any doubts or need specific support, you can contact us, so that we can determine together the type of headset adapted to your activity.

Our IP telephony solution works with all brands of headsets on the market. However, we mainly work with Jabra, a brand we recommend, which offers a wide range of quality headsets.

To learn more, I invite you to visit our page on headsets.

Ask our business telephony experts for advice

The most important thing to remember from this article is that the choice of your telephone equipment and therefore of your company headsets, must be based essentially on the environment of your employees and their jobs ! This analysis allows you to determine the type of headset you need to work in good conditions.

In addition, our IP telephony solution adapts perfectly to your activities and can accompany you in the office or on your various trips.

Thanks to Sipleo, its multiple functionalities and applications, you can improve your telephone reception, couple your telephony to your business software, develop teamwork, facilitate mobility and remote work, telephone in complete security… In short, with Sipleo, everything is possible !

Our team has developed software to meet the needs of many companies located in France, in the DOM and abroad.

You have an idea in mind, a specific project or a unique need ? We are open to all proposals !

To learn more, contact our team !

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