5 facts that annoy your interlocutors on the phone

A question, a change of address, subscribing to a new plan, a contract modification, order tracking…

Customers still greatly favor telephony to contact your company and obtain a rapid response to their request.

However, sometimes, customers are upset, frustrated or even angry when they try to contact your company… And certain elements, put in place when broadcasting your telephone greeting, can accentuate these feelings. Then, make situations worse!

What are these 5 facts that annoy your callers when they contact your business? What should we do instead?

We give you our advice to improve your relationship and offer a better experience to your customers!

5 facts that annoy your interlocutors on the phone


• 1 •

The endless wait, without measure of temporality

Waiting is frustrating. But waiting without knowing, at the very least, the waiting time or your position in the queue is even worse!

Today, time is precious. Whether it’s your callers or your agents, no one likes to waste time.

Advice :

To overcome this problem, broadcast to each caller their average waiting time or their position in the queue, via a personalized message. You can also try to reduce the waiting time of your callers, by facilitating the tasks of your colleagues during each call or by broadcasting a personalized message concerning your current offers and/or new products.

• 2 •

An Interactive Voice Server (IVR) sooo long!

Set up an IVR? Yes. But not just anyhow!

Building your interactive voice server must be simple, quick, clear and intuitive. The important thing is not to lose your customer/prospect/supplier during the IVR process and to get to the point.

Advice :

The caller must not get lost in the different levels. You can, therefore, always give him the opportunity to contact an advisor.

On the phone, the attention of your correspondents is quite limited. This is why, at each level, the number of choices must not be greater than 4.

Remember that the IVR is, above all, there to save time! (On the side of your agents and your customers).

• 3 •

Not being transferred to the right person or department

No one likes being transferred from department to department. This gives a negative image of the company in terms of internal organization, but also management/customer relations. A real nightmare for callers!

Advice :

Before setting up anything, think about a fluid, simple and optimized call scenario. Ask your operator for suggestions or help in constructing a call scenario.

Sipleo supports its customers in creating a quality scenario in order to satisfy your employees and your contacts.

• 4 •

Not being able to contact anyone

It rings, it rings, but no one answers… Customers don’t really appreciate it when they don’t answer. This is another bad image that is conveyed: they need you, they want to use your services… But no one picks up.

And yet! There are solutions to avoid missing any calls, whatever the size of your company.

Advice :

Your telephony solution must allow you to manage call overflows and/or transfers to mobiles, for example. You can even set up a telephone answering machine.

With Sipleo, you also benefit from a mobile application (compatible with Android and IOS). You also have the option of creating different voicemail boxes (recorders or not) depending on the line called or the extension.

• 5 •

Not being “recognized”

Your interlocutor finally manages to get someone on the line. However, it takes time for your employee to find their file… And that’s the last straw. If your customer took a long time to get an agent on the line or the path to getting someone was too complex, they may have built up negative feelings and are not happy to waste even more time .

Advice :

If your company uses a business tool (CRM, ERP or other professional software), it is important to pair it with your telephony solution. With Sipleo, coupling is possible with more than 20 everyday tools (Wavesoft, Salesforce, Sellsy, EBP, etc.). In addition, thanks to this connection, you benefit from other features such as automatic file reporting, direct registration of tasks in the CRM, click to call, call recording and more!

Other advantages: you save your agents and customers valuable time, you create links and humanize your exchanges.

Sipleo, a telephony solution that optimizes and makes your telephone reception unique

In this article, 5 facts that annoy your interlocutors on the phone are more focused on telephone reception and call management.

Moreover, the tools offered by Sipleo to optimize these steps are numerous. We find the pre-answer, the interactive voice server and the coupling of telephony with computing.

Pre-answer, available in our telephony offers, gives your agents time to finalize a task before answering a call. You can broadcast, for example, music on hold or a personalized message while your colleagues finish processing a call or a file.

The interactive voice server (IVR), accessible on Sipleo, allows you to respond to a certain number of customer requests, without necessarily having to resort to human intervention. This improves call distribution, manages common actions and simple consultation of information.

In addition to pre-answering and IVR, you can create a tailor-made telephone reception by coupling your telephony to your business software. Thanks to the tools made available by Sipleo, you can create a unique telephone reception and considerably optimize your brand image!

Of course, the tools developed by Sipleo are not limited only to the elements listed in this article.

Our business telephony solution is capable of meeting your needs, even the most complex. As the publisher of Sipleo, we are open to innovation and we can develop all the configurations you need for your business telephony!


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