Overseas departments (DOM)

The overseas departments have real problems in terms of fixed communication. The fixed telephony offers, currently offered, mainly favour the metropolitan territory and not the overseas departments. Whether in French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island or Mayotte, having telephone lines has become a luxury for all companies !

Today, Sipleo aims to offer all companies the same services and supports as in metropolitan France.


A telecom offer as attractive as in mainland France !

Faced with the excessive prices of telephony offers offered locally, access to advantageous business telephony can quickly become difficult for most companies. And especially for those in the overseas departments !

The same service and support as in metropolitan France...

In order to relieve the wallets of these many French companies, located in the DOM (in French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Guadeloupe and Mayotte), Sipleo offers the same package used by companies located in the metropolitan territory without distinction.

In the same way as companies located in France, Sipleo offers you unlimited plans to landlines and mobiles in France, in the DOM or abroad, at an advantageous rate !

...Your business become more competitive !

Thanks to Sipleo, you opt for affordable phone lines and as a result, your company becomes more competitive with your competitors. Indeed, the optimization carried out on telephone plans influences the price of your products and / or services !

In summary, with Sipleo, you benefit from the same services and support as a company located in metropolitan France.

Improve your competitiveness by choosing your phone line numbers

As a telephone operator, Sipleo gives you the possibility to take telephone lines adapted to your needs.


It may happen that your company, located in one of the DOM, exchanges or collaborates regularly with other foreign companies. In this case, to optimize your telecommunications, Sipleo has the possibility to create numbers associated with the countries in which your customers are located. *

For example : if your company is located in French Guiana and your main customers are located in Brazil, Sipleo generates one or more Brazilian numbers for your company.



For a company, having a direct line in the countries where customers are located is a real asset !

In addition to improving your competitiveness, you expand your catchment area and as a result, you increase your customer base. Indeed, having a foreign phone number has more impact and reassures your customers more. So you have more possibilities in terms of contracts and thus increase your profits !

Telephony-to-Computer coupling : an essential functionality for all companies !

In its offers, Sipleo offers many features. Among them, the most appreciated by our customers and the most used in companies is the coupling of telephony to computer.


The coupling of telephony to IT consists in linking our telephony solution to your business software (CRM, ERP, other tools, etc.). Sipleo can be paired with a large number of tools, including: EBP, Salesforce, Sellsy, Wavesoft and others present in the list of software compatible with Sipleo.

If the one you are using does not appear in this list, you can contact our team so that we can confirm the compatibility between our solution and your tool or create it!

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Sipleo, at your side!

With its 30 years of experience and 10 years of local know-how in the overseas departments, Sipleo accompanies you on all your business telephony projects!

Sipleo is made up of a team on a human scale, accessible, available and above all attentive to your expectations.

Our team of technicians is at your service, to answer all your questions and help you best define your needs !

*While respecting the compliances implemented in each country. 

Choose the best for your compagny !

Choose secure and advantageous phone lines. Do you need more information about setting up telephony in your company ? Get in touch with our team !